Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Humble Pie Award

Didn't really have any candidates for Crimes in Plating this week nor did we really have anyone who thought they were the shit, at least not enough to earn themselves a sparkly necklace. But we did have an excellent candidate for the Hot Slice o' Humble Pie Award and a prominent example of the healing powers of Redemption. Back in season one, Tiff endeared herself to no one with her "Kids aren't sophisticated enough to understand my cooking" attitude. Luck rode on her shoulder that day because Immunity saved her. So coming back and facing kids again was an opportunity to put right what was so wrong last time. She admitted it and then she backed it up with the best dish in the Quickfire that appealed to kids and winning immunity in a timely fashion. Again.

Tiff Humble Pie

So this week's award goes to Tiffani Faison who proves you can change and perhaps pull in some little future foodies who will want to see what else you can cook in your restaurant besides giant chocolate snowballs.

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MakingSpace said...

Totally agree. She did a complete turnaround. Me like.