Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Curious Case of Jamie Lauren

Here we are, we've just finished Episode 4 and I think we're seeing the revolution of the Top Chef Game Player. I'm beginning to think Jamie Lauren is brilliant.

Sure she cut herself and took the advice of the medic and went to the hospital to have her finger stitched up. Did she cut herself on purpose? Certainly no one can believe that but I also don't believe Jamie went to the hospital in order to duck her responsibilities of the team dish. Like it or not, they won't auff a chef because they hurt themselves. Would have others done differently, geez yeah, we had a whole parade of war stories but make no mistake about it, Jamie is her own woman and seems to know what's best for her. It's not like she's refused to cook every dish, she just missed out on helping with Jen's dish and she undercooked her chick peas for Match Play.

If you should be pissed anyone for the Yellow Team losing it should be at Asshat. They so depended on his so called strategy instead of calmly assessing out their best match ups head to head. Who is your best chef, match them with their best chef and down the line. Stupid thing was Asshat could have taken Blaise if his shrimp had even been halfway decent. Let's also not forget that Jamie is under no obligation to do what anyone says, it's still a competition and knowing her dish wasn't up to snuff and refusing to put it out there kept her in the game. Was she supposed to throw herself under the bus for Asshat?? That alone makes me like her. Even better?

Getting Richard Blaise all agitated. His little exchange with Jamie was telling. He asks her about what her "story" is which is a reference regarding how each chef gets a story line developed about them whether they like it or not. Villian, underdog, hero, one to beat, and so on. Blaise seems to think that Jamie's story is how Jamie's not cooking which is bullshit. She's cooking at this point it's just not in the top or bottom. Solidly in the middle. What about Blaise's story? He's not exactly blowing away the competition. Episode One he was one fourth of a Chicago Sausage Quickfire win. Episode Two he was one third of a win with Banana Parfait. Episode Three he is again a fourth of a win for the Quickfire with a Crispy Lambchop. That's it. When it comes down to just Blaise and his dish, no wins. If he's as good as he certainly thinks he is, shouldn't he have at least a single dish win? All I know is that Jamie seems to be the Teflon Chef, getting under Blaise's skin and helping Asshat out the door. Which means it's all good at Blogging Basement Central.


the dogs' mother said...

The whole finger thing bugged me as I mentioned before. Everyone reacts to things differently. I give myself two shots a day, I know a man who gets ill and faints at the thought of it. We just are different.

I also got the feeling that the 'strategy' was kind of steamrolled over the group.

MakingSpace said...

I'm not a huge Jamie fan this season.

That said, there's no way she bears any responsibility for Spike's demise. Spike set up the very strategy that got him auffed. Then when it didn't go how he wanted, he blamed everybody else. Even the judges, hearing it all for the first time at judges table, cringed. The guy made his own mess.

As for Richard, big deal. Jamie was right to keep from engaging him in his attempt to bait her.

Haha my word verification is "stank" which is what Spike did.