Friday, December 10, 2010

A Love Letter

Dear Dale My Big Gay Boyfriend,

I have missed you so. Oh sure, we're friends on Facebook. But then so are thousands of others and it's so hard to share you. I've missed your dancing skills, your way with words. I try to work in the word Conch Dicker into my conversations whenever possible.

Imagine my joy when I learned you would be gracing my TeeVee world once again. Finally someone to bring joy, wit and SNARK back to Top Chef. Although I worried. Yes I did. The first episode was sadly, Dale-lite. Yet episode two brought sunshine, puppies and rainbows. My boyfriend was back.

Look at you, giggling like a school girl with giant caveman paws. What could make a man so joyful. Making "...crack for small children" so they can truly enjoy their "10 year old rave", that's what.

You are a naughty, naughty man. How could I ever deny my love for you? Especially after your Midnight Museum Tour. Can we really blame you just because you are so observant?

(ok maybe Casey can blame you)

Yes, true you were on the losing team...

...but at least you had the good sense to team up with my original Pretend Girlfriend, Tiffani. Even though she had immunity, she would not leave you hanging with a bad dish.

Tiff & Dale (snort)

So welcome back, my Big Gay Boyfriend. Thank you for making me guffaw again and for blowing away the bad memories of deadly dull chefs without an ounce of cleverness in their thick skulls. Here's hoping the caveman paws reach all the way into the finale.

Your ever lovin'


the dogs' mother said...

le sign.... Daughter and I are in the Big Gay Boyfriend corner.

Big Shamu said...

It's a damned good corner to be in. At least you'll laugh.

MakingSpace said...

That is a rockin' love letter. Haha I, too, am in the Dale Corner, though I must admit my passion is less than yours. That's all right, leaves more of him for you.

Is it wrong that the first image was my most favoritest thing about the whole post???? Heehee (not that there was anything wrong with the rest)

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend's back, hey now, hey now, my boyfriend's back!

Tiff & Dale

*snorts beverage*

Anonymous said...


MakingSpace said...

Back to clarify I wanna see Dale take the whole thing, and I'm glad he's doing really well in his restaurant now (I know this 'cause I stalk, err follow, him on FaceBook).

But yanno, I discovered him much later than the orca, so I gotta give her first place in the Dale Love category. Hail Shamy!

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