Sunday, December 12, 2010

You Be the Judge

Here we are again, just like the old days, when we loved our favorite chefs so much that we would argue passionately for days why our chef shouldn't have been eliminated.

The Question: Should Jen have been the one to go home this episode for her bland bacon and egg dish?

Or: Should Tre have gone home for making a sauce that over-reduced into a salty mess that one judge said ruined the entire dish but more importantly that he knew had issues but didn't attempt to correct?

Or: Should Antonia or Tiffany have been knife packing for failing to cook eggs to something other than almost raw, also knowing they were serving severely undercooked eggs to everyone but the judges?

Or: Should Jamie have fallen on her knife (in a way that requires more than two stitches) and volunteered to go for having left the show for a Emergency Room Break and for not really cooking a dish at all?

So which is it my little Top Chef Crack Monkeys, time for you to be the judge.


MakingSpace said...


Or Tre.

But really Jamie.

Big Shamu said...

Having seen chefs be eliminated for making just a salad I have to say Jamie's non-elimination was confusing.

MakingSpace said...

Yah. I mean, really. Phhht.

the dogs' mother said...

The improperly cooked eggs was the worst crime. Their knives should have been packed.

Big Shamu said...

Apparently admitting your mistakes, no matter how bad, is better than defending your dish.

Dani said...

Undercooked eggs is not a good thing.

moi said...

Undercooked eggs bother me less than undercooked bacon, which bothers me less than someone who didn't cook anything at all.

So, even though I fell a little bit in love with her for her comment about children: Jamie.

Melissa said...

yeah...what was up with that?

How many elimination challenges left? If there are 9 or fewer, Jamie could have this thing well in hand!

Big Shamu said...

Dang, did not think about that Melissa. Maybe she wins immunity once or twice.


Captain Obvious said...

Captain Obvious thought Tre was going home for sure, but Jamie should have been next in line.

Buzz Kill said...

Any one of them should have gone home before Jen. Jamie really should have gone home for her not cooking. I keep rubber gloves in my kitchen for just such emergencies. The Mrs and the kids don't want to hear dinner's cancelled becauses I cut myself.

That's what mouthing off to Tom will get you.