Saturday, December 18, 2010

Have you noticed?

Remember back during Season Three and Casey's reputation as the Spider Woman? If Casey befriended you, suddenly you found yourself on the chopping block?

It appears that she's left the Black Widow moniker behind but picked up a new one. Cassandra. For those who slept through your Greek Mythology class, Cassandra was given the powers of prophecy but also cursed with the dilemma of no one ever believing her predictions. Casey has been incredibly accurate in her tasting of some dishes that end up causing the chefs to pack their knives. Episode One we can't really count since yes, she tasted Elia's dish but her comments never made it on camera. Episode Two she was the voice of disbelief when Jen proclaimed her dish tasted good. Wet bacon I believe was the term she used. Even more interesting was that she didn't taste Tre's sauce just before it hit the plate for their own dish, perhaps saving him from getting eliminated. Episode Three rolls along and there is Casey tasting Dale's dish, telling us how he's got too much going on and that she's very worried for him. So who goes home? Dale! Episode Four should be very interesting. Watch out for whose dish Casey tastes. If she doesn't like it, you better start saying your goodbyes.