Friday, December 17, 2010


We saw a lot of high in food in this past episode but I wondered in particular how David Burke's cuisine came across on TV?

Above is the Crisp and Angry Lobster dish from the show and below is a better photo of the dish.

I would try making this dish but I don't have a bandsaw to cut the lobster in half that precisely.

Roasted rack of lamb with roasted octopus from the show.

A promotional shot of the same dish.

Is this appealing to you, matching the curled tentacles of a large octopus with your rare lamb chop? Would you order it at Townhouse?


Dani said...

I'd go for the angry lobster. Looks so vibrant with the reds and yellow/green on the plate. The lamb and octopus not so much.

Buzz Kill said...

When I saw these in the promo, I thought they catastrophes that the cheftestants did. When I saw that it was an actual dish from David Burke's restaurant, I was pretty surprised. I wouldn't order either of them.

the dogs' mother said...

The lobster is impaled upon a florist frog! I suppose that is a small discomfort after being boiled alive and chain sawed in half... bwa-ha-ha!

Aunty Belle said...

they can keep the tentacles --yicky

Syd said...

Either of those dishes could star in a David Lynch film. [shiver]

MakingSpace said...

I can't see the florist frog and now I'm lookin' hard for it. Dang.

Oh, I get it now, not an actual frog frog, a plate with spikes on it.

So that's New American cuisine? I have to confess that I would be at a loss with either of those dishes, though I'd make a (hardeeharhar) stab t the lobster.

MakingSpace said...

Oh and the promo shot of the lamb/octopus dish looks - like a crazy-ass version of something out of a 1950s cookbook. Weird, off colors. If that's the look they were going for, DONE.

moi said...

David Lynchian is the perfect description of this stuff. I hate overly "crafted" food on the plate. Make it look pretty and appetizing, sure, but, and I have to say it: this is way too Jazz Hands. Angry lobster on a bed of nails? What for?