Monday, December 13, 2010

Padma's Fashion Corner

padma ep 2 qf

Padma ep 2 elim

Battle of the Hostesses


Buzz Kill said...

I think Katie Lee looked the best out of the group. Padma had some kind of Sgt. Peppers jacket going on. What the hell is Tom wearing?

moi said...

Memo to Padma: Real women don't cuff their pants unless they're going clamming.

Memo to Tom: Real men wear undershirts. They also tuck and put on a jacket.

Memo to Katie: I'll trade you those J. Brand skinny cargoes for my husband and my car.

Memo to Gail: You are perfect. That is all.

Big Shamu said...

Top Chef has been producing little extras for their season packages on Itunes. The most recent one was called Project Padma and it's a roughly eight minute snippet about following around the people that dress Padma. I wish I could send it to Moi because that running commentary would be priceless. Padma has a lot of input on her clothes but not so sure about Tom.

Dani said...

I got me a girl crush for Gail!!!

Jenny said...

I had no idea those J. Brand skinny cargoes were so fabulous!

Moi is willing to trade her CAR????


Big Shamu said...

Boxer, Moi appears to be quite serious about these cargoes. However, notice how she offered up the hubs and the car....but not the dogs. She does have her limits.

MakingSpace said...

Meh. Just generally.

JJ said...

I love padmas outfit and I only wear cuffed jeans or capris with ankle boots.

I think Gail's shirt is too high for her body type. I also have a fuller chest and a high shirt always makes me look top heavy.

Kaite Lee looks fine but boring, she looks like she walked out from a J crew catalog.