Monday, December 13, 2010

Kid Stuff

Slumber party snacks. What a great Quickfire Challenge. Simple but really lets your creative juices run free. You'd expect a ton of chocolate goodness or salty nibbles, right? Well, not so much.

QF EP2 Group 1

QF EP2 Group 2

QF EP2 Group 3

QF EP2 Group 4

Instead what we got were at least three snacks with bacon, some things that look more like bar snacks and at least one description I had to google (horchata). Now you would think that the parents in the group would have the advantage, those being Antonia, Richard and Carla. What did those three offer up to the child in all of us? A muffin, some sort of white bread blob and poor Carla's dish didn't even see any screen time (along with Marcel's Ants on a Stick) so I'm not even sure what's in her dish. Angelo, Asshat and Tre's snacks look like something you can get half priced at Happy Hour. We won't even delve into Casey's lasagna. No, really, you can't make me. Also, a question, will Dale T. be making corn cakes for every episode he's in? This is number two. Is he the official spokesperson for a cornmeal company? So either most of the chefs decided to make snacks for adults (Joe Jonas) or they drank way too much the night before and punted on the challenge and just made snacks more appropriate as Hangover Helpers. Joe and Padma taste them all and pick two possible winners, Asshat's Chips and Dip and Tiffani's giant Rice Krispie Treat Snowball. Possible winners because instead of picking one over the other, Padma reveals that they are letting the 150 kids gearing up for a sleep over at the Natural History Museum taste each offering and vote on their favorite. Brilliant. Why? Because all the chefs must cater to the kids. Whether they enjoy them or not. First though, must pick teams. I'm hoping there will be a raucous game of kickball later. Tiff pretty much cleans up on the female chefs with the exception of Carla but adds Dale L. and Tre as her man chunks while Asshat apparently picks a team whom he believes will have more fun.

All I know is that there's fun and then there's Wild Asshat Hair fun and I'm not sure that's going to help him win this Quickfire. The two teams hop to making their 150 servings of salty and sweet and then it's off to the museum to face the Tasmanian Devils... described by Fabio, at least I think that's what he said, there was no Fabio-speak translation provided for this episode.

Judges in training

How cute are these two little Junior Judges in Training, stepping up and telling exactly how much they don't like raisins? Watch out Gail and Padma. Massive amounts of sugar and salt disappear at such a high rate of consumption that it appears to scare some of the chefs.

Turns out not to be much of a battle as Tiffani's Sugar Bomb wins her Immunity and we're left to wonder...

...who exactly is going to clean up this mess?


the dogs' mother said...

I would have done some kind of popcorn along the lines of Moose Munch.

Big Shamu said...

Popcorn would have been brilliant. Of course the chefs would have added bacon and mango saffron chutney.

MakingSpace said...

Go Tiffani! That's a redemption win for sure.

What season was it where the losing chef team had to clean up and the wining chef team got to go to some huge rock concert? It was the one where my li'l Hawaii dude was all pissed off 'cause he lost. LOL

moi said...

Tiffani's Rice Crispy treat was the only item that made any SENSE. Even though I've been Mickey since I was born, there's stuff here that screaming child Moi would have turned her nose up at. Maybe NYC kids are more sophisticated, but show me a child that isn't going to look sideways at carrot chips, bacon/ginger taffy, and whatever the feck Ants on a Log is and I'll wear Crocs for a week.

Buzz Kill said...

At the befining of the quickfire, when I heard some of the ingredients the chefs were using I thought - they are not paying attention to who their customers are. Angelo - old bay - REALLY? With kids - sugar.wins.every.time.

I thought Tiffany, Richard, Fabbio, Dale L, Tiffani and Antonia were on the right track. The other thing to consider is mess. Antonia and Tiffany were on the right track for that. Dale L looking down att he floor in the last picture says it all.

And I saw a coming attraction possible editing goof. Unless the Tennis related challenge is this week - Fabbio survives.

Big Shamu said...

Buzz, Advantage Chef is Episode 4 so at least he and Carla last that long. Episode 3 is called New York's Finest. Team Quickfire and remember that the Season's Theme is Redemtion.

Dani said...

WoW! There is a whole lotta scary in most of those dishes.

Big Shamu said...

Dani, what would Elizabeth pick first? She sounds like a typical kid? That goes for MS's munchkins too. What would they pick of all those things? And I use the term things loosely.

Dani said...

I don't think Elizabeth would have picked any of them.