Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Thunderbirds are a GO!

Our merry tribe of tattooed chefs have been assigned the task of cooking for 300 of the Air Force's finest at the Nellis Air base. The twist? They won't know what ingredients they will be working with nor will they know what kind of equipment will be available until they arrive the next day. The cloud of panic sweat thickens over the heads of our chefs. The task also comes with some extra challenges.The group gathers back at the living quarters to discuss the most important part of their strategy.
They also break down into seven teams of two so that each team can produce one dish to serve. The next morning they finally see what product they will be dealing with to produce their dishes.A whole lot of canned food and no pots to cook in or a stove to cook on. Suddenly the push-ups are looking pretty good.I see someone did his homework on the Theory of Baconization and it's Relativity to Winning Top Chef Dishes. Smart boy.Falling into the not so smart category for ignoring the Theory of Relativity of Half Assed Salads to Losing Top Chef Dishes?Dare we say Super Genius? Not only did he ignore the salad rule but also the rule of making a second dish when one dish would suffice. If he had only made some PooShrooms it would have been a Trifecta of failure.
And if Mike thought his strategy of assigning Jennifer as the Tournant for the challenge would erupt into drama clashes, he misjudged his competition.She was firm and organized without being overbearing. She made suggestions but let chefs take the lead especially when it came to their dishes. Which was a good thing because making the food the best it could be was important when you remember the diners for this event.I'm happy to say it looks like everyone did a great job for the airmen. Considering the circumstances it could have been a lot worse. Still someone has to go home so it's time to visit Judge's Table. But first a little episode of Separated At Birth.Uncanny. Baconization rules the judges table as the Pork Belly Lettuce Wrap takes the win. Right about now, Mike I. is feeling mighty smug.Oh Mike. Don't you realize that when Tom makes this face......when you're describing the bad extra dish you didn't have to make you might be in trouble?There we go, that's the face of a man who is going to have to toss a salad. Joining Mike at losing Judging Table are Preeti and Laurine. Mike takes an interesting approach to the judging by getting angry.Quit while you're ahead Mike. Turns out Mike is safe because while he might have been in on the pork belly dish decision, Preeti and Laurine get hammered for deciding to make a blah pasta salad. They send home Preeti apparently for being clueless to the flavoring of the salad.

Next episode: Top Chef cranks the stress up yet again with a Quickfire Elimination.


frogponder said...

Never, ever, ever, go on a reality show without viewing all available footage!
You could hear us across the street -
'Noooooooooooooooooo, not pasta salad!!!!'

Big Shamu said...

Unless it's a bacon pasta salad.

moi said...

I liked this episode the best so far because:

A. 99 percent of the chefs did a rockin' job feeding these folks - most verklempt-making.

B. It showed another side of Jennifer just as impressive as her cooking skills Go, Jennifer!

Buzz Kill said...

Being under house arrest agrees with your writing because this was well written and funny. The separated-at-birth was perfect although I think Tom is looking more like Dr. Evil every day. I'd photo shop that if I knew how.

This episode also demonstrated the old adage "those who fail to learn from the past are destine to repeat it." Dear God, pasta salad?

MakingSpace said...

So the pig dude is still in the game? CRAP! LOL

Big Shamu said...

Moi, I agree it was good episode considering the twist. Basically it was a four hour Quickfire made from only things from the mess. My question is, and someone with military experience will have to tell me, why was the mess kitchen configured without flat top stoves?

Hmmm Buzz, may have to do a little photochopping for a future episode. Does that mean Toby is MiniMe?

Yes, MS This Little Piggy is still in it but only by the hair of his chinny chin chin.