Monday, July 19, 2010


As anyone who really knows me will tell you there's 3 things I love most intensely and that's Maureen O'Hara, bacon, and Maryland Blue Crabs. The bacon and the crabs I seem do alright on my own but if anyone can get me within 50 miles of Herself well I can be very generous with my gratitude.You know I was ecstatic when the last Quickfire popped up.

The chefs immediately start talking about live, energetic, anxious to get off the table crabs...which is good because you DO NOT want to cook dead crab. Actually any dead shellfish is unwise to cook and consume unless you enjoy projectile vomiting. So the protein is rocking for this Quickfire, how about the judge?

OK it's not Maureen O'Hara but for me, it's almost as good. The Inn at Little Washington is one of those Must Eat At places on your Culinary Bucket List. Happily I've already crossed it off but would be more than willing to help someone else with their list. The Inn is beautiful, the food exquisite and the total experience is well worth the price you'll pay. But will the contestants be able to crack the mystery of the crabs in enough time to impress Chef O'Connell? I'm having my doubts.

I don't know who this knucklehead is, totally crushing an entire live crab. I also doubt this idiot got any usable meat since he's now crushed the hard outer shell with the softer inner shell and organs with the sweet raw meat. What a stupid waste. Respect the Crab you putz. The one Maryland guy, Tim, seems to get he has a huge advantage at quickly picking the hard to get at meat into a large enough quantity to do something fun like.....oh a CRAB CAKE.

So did the crabs give up their angry pinchy lives in vain? By my count there were 5 crab salad type dishes and 4 and a 1/3 crab soup/broth/chowder type dishes. Kenny actually had 3 crab dishes, two of which were not a soup or salad. As far as I can tell not one damn chef even attempted to make a simple and elegant crab cake. How about a crab biscuit and gravy? How about stuffed crab? BAH! Here's the winner.

Looking at the recipe, there's a whole lot going on. I might try making it but I think I'd rather try Angelo's Blue Crab Broth Infused with Lemongrass and Ginger first. At least he had some Old Bay in his dish.

Now my only hope is that Top Chef Masters will satisfy my Blue Crab love by doing a Maryland Blue Crab Quickfire. Oh to dream the impossible dream.


intuitive eggplant said...

Hmm, I learn something new every day. Shamy, I knew you loved bacon and Maryland blue crabs, but somehow Ms. O'Hara slipped right past me. Previously, I would have thought blackberries in your top three. Or a fine cheese.

When I happened on to this recipe for blackberry and bacon salad with fried goat cheese, I immediately thought of you. Too bad I haven't yet managed to make it in your honor.

Making Space said...

Look at you singing Broadway anthems.

I had to google Maureen O'Hara. Then I remembered she ranks second (a distant second) to Sofia Loren on my dad's celebrity crush list. I just felt compelled to announce that.

I know nothing about Maryland blue crab or, indeed, Maryland. I'm always willing to add to my bucket list. But I don't want to see the crab live before I eat it.

Dani said...

I don't know much about blue crab, but we get stone crabs down here and they are the shit!

Syd said...

@Making Space, I'm so glad you said that. I've often been called a pussy because I am squeamish about eating things that I've seen alive. Fish, crab, lobster...I just can't do it.

That guy beating those crabs really ticked me off. What a dumb ass.

Big Shamu said...

Syd, your granny never "prepared" a chicken for Sunday dinner? Never been to a hog butchering?

Lord, I must be a country girl.

Big Shamu said...

Eggy, damn you're right, that does sound good. Now if I could just get Herself to dine with me.

moi said...

Loved this quickfire. With the exception of the hammered-to-death lil' creatures. Sheesh.

My stepfather is Baltimore, Maryland born 'n' raised, and when I was a kid, he'd have soft shells flown in every season. Spoiled me forever . . .

Big Shamu said...

Hmmmm soft shells........(crap now I've drooled all over my keyboard)