Friday, July 23, 2010

Much to do about nothing.

Catfight? Was there really a catfight? A Claws Out Dramarama. You know, the one between the Miami based chef Andrea...
...and Miami based, long time guest judge, Michelle Bernstein.

Except I was always under the impression that to have an actual fight, you need two combatants. As far as I could tell there was only one person who was not a happy camper.

Michelle is here to judge the Quickfire and if it's Michelle that must mean little used proteins. This time it's things like Emu eggs, wild boar and rattlesnake. But it's not the rattlesnake that's got Andrea rattled.

Please let there be no hair snatching incident during this season of Top Chef. While Andrea plots the Fall of Michy, the rest of the chefs wrestle with their nasty bits. That is until Padma strolls in and announces that it's time for a Quickfire Do Si Do and everyone takes the protein of the chef to their left.
Not everyone is pleased with this sudden turnabout. Time runs out and it's time for Michelle to taste the dishes. Andrea, who started out with duck tongues, ends up with wild boar which is not easy to get tender in less than 30 minutes. What does Michelle think of Andrea's dish?

There's what Michelle says....

...then there's what Andrea hears.

Andrea's nightmare continues because don't you know, her name gets called out for the bottom three along with Stephen and Alex. Frankly I think as long as your critique does not include the word Insipid you're doing OK.

Not OK.

In the end, not much of a catfight. Just a chef who let the situation mess with her head.

Yes, Andrea, she's there for the whole episode. Enjoy.


Making Space said...

Haha good one - but you know that was worth it for the last shot. Actually all of them. The Twisted Face Parade. Haha

moi said...

I used to write about food. Regardless of the fact that there are a gazillion point five adjectives in the English language, after a while it just becomes impossible. In the end I was down to either "yummy" or "P.U."

intuitive eggplant said...

Yep, seems like they're reaching for drama this season. I'd rather see food that inspires me. I'm not saying the food isn't there this season, but it doesn't seem to be getting the attention I wish the editors would give it. Or is it just that we're in that phase of the season where there are still too many competitors to shine much light on the real talent and interesting dishes?

Aunty Belle said...

sigh....why do the producers think us'uns gives a dern about all this drama? Gimme the honest competition of real food--drama enough when the custard curdles, ya know?

All in all, I prefer the calm and playfully suggestive Nigella cookin' in her almost haphazard --real home-- way to the staged catfights and jaded judges.

Shamu, HELP!

I has a bumper crop of lemon balm--waht to do? All I has done so far is use it in dryer to make sheets smell good.