Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Case of the Purloined Peas

I fell asleep. It's true. I think it was during the long convoluted explanation of the Quickfire Challenge. Food on a Toothpick. Rules on food. Lobbyists. It was at this point that I was pondering what size toothpick Jack Abramoff used during his lobbyist days.

C'mon, wouldn't he have been the perfect judge for the Quickfire?

As for the rest of the episode it was a snorefest. When the highlight is some possibly purloined Pea Purée you know it's not even worth Tivoing. Do I think Alex stole Ed's puréed peas? No. In the house chatter the night before between Andrea, Kenny and Alex, Alex is bemoaning the fact that he doesn't know what he's doing. He says "I have these English peas and but they're shit" to which Andrea asks if they are the same ones (peas) that Ed got. Alex says he doesn't know what Ed got but then Kenny chimes in with:

Did Alex steal the pea purée or just the idea? He's already admitted to having purchased some English peas the night before and making purée takes all of what, 10 minutes? In fact, in his one on one the next day, suddenly he's decided to make pea purée. He should thank Kenny for giving him the idea.

Peas cooling down in an ice bath.

Alex stirring something green.

Sure he's a bit of a disorganized crude schmuck but it's not like Ed is perfect either. Don't forget how Ed missed putting a breakfast patty on all the plates back during the Room Service challenge in Epi 3 and totally whiffed on the hollandaise sauce. So maybe Ed forgot or misplaced his own purée.

Interestingly enough, Alex is not the first person Ed questions about taking his purée it's Andrea and then Stephen, who denies knowing anything about it and only then does he ask Alex who says he did not take his purée. All I know is at this point I really stopped caring. I am so jaded about Top Chef that for all we know Padma got hungry and snuck in and had herself a little snack.

And really, who is going to deny a hungry single mother?


Making Space said...

Padma was wearing hotpants.

This is all I'm sayin.

Syd said...

Oh shit! I forgot to watch it!!

Big Shamu said...

Don't worry Syd, you didn't miss much unless you like Padma in hot pants. Andrea got auffed and creepy Alex won the Elim. challenge.

Buzz Kill said...

I only saw the last 10 minutes and read Collichio's blog. I think in the finals they should have Alex and Ed come back (even if they're not in the final 4) and have a Pea Off to see, in fact, who made the puree. BTW, Padma's picture is hot.

Word Verification: forkbj (ouch)

Big Shamu said...

Buzz I read Tom's blog too and I find it really hard to believe that he did not know about the missing peas. I could have yanked at least 3 pictures of Tom RIGHT NEXT TO ED as Ed is scrambling around looking for his missing product. Now if Tom is saying that he didn't know about the accusations of theft, that's something different. But it just confirms my belief that Ed lost/misplaced his product and Alex made his product right there.

Kristlkrost said...

Thanks for that sweets.. You made a great argument for sanity ' cause everybody yellin .....THIEF!!

I think the producers need to apologize to Alex for sure.. Miss you mwaaaah

moi said...

Oh, the IRONY of the Congressional rule about food on a toothpick preventing undue "influence." Yeah. That's like spitting into a forest fire to prevent your house from burning.

Otherwise, Christ on a cracker with cream cheese, this episode was a snore.

Boxer said...

you know who I think really stole the peas; The Producers needing to do something to make this season anything but zzzzzzzzz.

Come watch Project Runway with us Shamy. It just started, they have hot models (one nearly nekid last night) AND they seem to have re-tooled it. Top Chef should take note.

Grumpy Granny said...

My dog stole the peas. I refer you to my latest blog post.

Hee hee,