Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time to Fess Up!

richard's nude fondue

Nude Fondue Parties part of your life experience?
Hell yeah, let me show you all my hot cheese scars
I experimented a little when I was living in the college dorms
Nude and Food do NOT go together
I'm not telling nor will the pictures be posted on my Facebook page
Nude fondue, no.....nude sushi, yes free polls


froggy said...

Class of '78. We had a fondue restaurant in town. Always clothed...! (No shirt, no shoes, no undies, no service) Versions - steak and oil, bread into cheese, chocolate and strawberries. Not a nitro tank in sight.

Big Shamu said...

No restaurant but I think we had the vintage green pot with all the different colored end knobs. No nudity. We usually did cheese. I think we were too hyperactive to safely do hot boiling oil fondue.

MakingSpace said...

Back in the 70s we had fondue parties, but the 'rents were evangelical Christian missionaries and we believed in Jesus, dammit, so there was no nudity.

Only certain concessions to popular culture.

Imagine, for instance, my surprise to learn that often cheese is melted in/with wine to make it smoother in fondue.

I'm tellin' ya in the 70s Jesus was NOT down with that.

But next time I eat fondue I'm at least takin' off a sock, just out of rebellion. Ha.

Big Shamu said...

Whoaaaa, don't go too fast there with that sock Rebel you!

Buzz Kill said...

My parents had the Retro Orange Fondue Pot but no naked as far as I know. Kind of a fun quick-fire where I think Blaise was all coked up. And Padma was talking like a dirty little girl with the chocolate dripping down her chin. mmmmmmm

Big Shamu said...

Yes Buzz, that orange color was very popular in the Seventies. Along with Harvest Gold (shiver). Blaise had quite the talky episode with not much food to show for it.