Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Someone is really going to have to explain this one to me. How does someone (an Italian someone, who considers themselves an expert at all things Italian) fail to execute the pasta for his pasta dish? Not just not al dente but severely undercooked. How does that person not get auffed when that pasta dish is served to guest judges with exquisite Italian culinary pedigrees?

However this was the most delicious moment of the night, watching this giant hot bag of puffery suddenly realize that yes, that was the winning group, yes, you will be in the losing group, yes, Fabio did not win the Italian challenge and last but certainly not least, YES Antonia beat you for the win. Suck on that a while.


froggy said...


Big Shamu said...

Sorry Froggy, I think Tre got punked.

Buzz Kill said...

I certainly didn't see that coming. I had it between Mike and Dale with Mike most likely to go. Bravo editing (I guess) didn't make Tre's dish look as bad as it was. But, the last few challenges, Tre seemed to just be in the background. Not really stepping forward. Again, that could be editing.

But your right about Mike. For the Italian Stallion to not only lose, but have one of the worst dishes - that we do not forgive. Michael Isabella should be sleeping with the fishes.

Buzz Kill said...

Also, I didn't like what they did to Antonia when she came back to the stew room with the win. Dead silence (crickets chirping) and jaws on the ground. It was almost as bad as what Marcel did to Carla the other week. Really poor sportsmanship.

Big Shamu said...

Risotto that was a bit stiff vs. pasta that, by all descriptions, was just barely cooked and described by Tom as being problematic from the very beginning because he used too many eggs in the pasta hence was doomed to begin with.

Mike should have been gone.

Captain Obvious said...

Captain Obvious says:

Captain Obvious has noticed something since the beginning of Top Chef.

If a cheftestant says they:

'Can make this in their sleep'

'Make this with my eyes closed'

'I make this all the time

and so on...

They are 99.9% likely to go home or F up really bad.

Some examples:

S1: Brian Hill 'I make these maple carrots all the time!' Bye


Tre 'I can make bread pudding in my sleep' Bye

Malarkey 'I grew up in Oregon, we ate Elk all the time(or something similar) Bye

Captain Obvious has seen every episode and has every episode, but can't clearly remember much from 4-7 since they were as interesting as watching grass grow.


Tre 'I make risotto all the time! People do call me the Black Italian!!' Bye

Tiffani F 'I make this(Bluefish) all the time for staff meals' Bye

Jamie(orig season and this season-anything seafood) Bye

Tiffany 'I work at a seafood restaurant' -Hacks up the fish like a chainsaw at Le Bernardin probably making Justo cry or wanting to decapitate somebody.

Captain Obvious knew Tre was going home.

Captain Obvious thought that people thought Mike was going to go home because they wanted him to go home based somewhat on his personality.

Captain Obvious offers this as evidence:

Mike- Bad: Crunchy pasta, incorrectly sauced pasta Good: Sauce-Tom didn't mind, which would mean it was decent

Tre-Bad: Risotto not cooked properly, garnishes looked like boulders on top and overpowered the flavor of the risotto Good: People do call him the Black Italian!!!

Anonymous said...

I SOOOOO wanted Mike to go home and he SHOULD have. Ugh. What a windbag.

I'll miss Tre!