Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do you Soufflé

Yigit's Soufflé was beautiful and delicious and really showed his experience with the dish. Have you mastered the mystery of the Soufflé?

Souffles? Love them? Hate them?
I love souffles and order them in restaurants any chance I get.
What's the big deal, it's just a bunch of air?
I have yet to make a souffle that didn't fall flatter than a sticky pancake.
Give me a big slice of chocolate cake anyday.
Why didn't anyone make a cheese souffle? free polls


Making Space said...

I wasn't sure how to vote.

First off, I've never had a souffle.

Second, I've never made a souffle.

Third, I was obsessed, OBSESSED, with that ice cream with the huge chocolate hula hoop thingy on it. I could barely see the souffle on the plate.

Fifth, it sounds like Yigit's boyfriend is a lucky fella.

Buzz Kill said...

I'm with MS here. I've had souffles at restaurants a time or two but have never even attempted to make one. Didn't someone go home last season on TC for messing up a souffle?

The one I remember having was a chees souffle with some cherries and it was very good.

Shamu - might there be a DDS souffle challenge in the offing?

moi said...

I've made a chocolate souffle before and it was good and all, but it's such a puzzling construct. All that work to make it rise high and then you deflate it with a spoon and some sauce?


Give me a piece of cake or even a mousse any day over a souffle.

Susan said...

I'm with MS I didn't know how to vote.
I've never made a souffle, not a real honest to goodness souffle- I've made a few souffle-ish things. I've never been to a restaurant that served souffles, wait a minute. I hardly ever eat out in a restaurant (well one that's not a fish & chips joint - not complaining).

My amazing grandmother Flo used to make a real traditional, a la Julia, cheese souffle.

Thought this might be a lead in to a new souffleyin' DS Sunday. AM feeling a bit relieved. ;-)

did someone say mousse ? aahhhhhhhh

Making Space said...

DSS souffle? I sit in my corner whimpering and rocking back and forth...

I'd be down for a mousse though... my kids could totally help with that.

Aunty Belle said...

LOVE souffle's!

In restaurants. too much work fer me. tried a tangerine souffle' onc't--arrgh!!!

Best ever had was a frangelica souffle in Hotlanta.

What kind does ya make Shamy?

Big Shamu said...

I have yet to try my hand at a souffle. I have had one at Le Circue. It was damned good.