Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All the News That Fits

The diabolical producers of Just Desserts weren't satisfied with yanking away the chef's gadgets during the last Quickfire so they decide to drain them of all color with a Black and White Elimination Challenge.

The LA Times is celebrating their 128th year anniversary and are throwing themselves a little party. Probably because you never know when another newspaper will bite the dust and end up in that big recycling bin in the sky so might as well party now. The chefs can use any flavor they like but the end result of the dish must appear black and white. I really like this challenge. It pushes the better chefs into some interesting directions and weeds out the chefs who don't really conform to the challenge or those who just run off the tracks all together.

Most of the chefs seem to be rising to the occasion.

Although I don't really understand what Morgan is trying to accomplish with this maneuver? Prep is done and now it's time to set up at the party.

Apparently the drowning method did not work out so well for Morgan.

It's at this point that Remaining Heather discovers that she's missing rice krispy treats. Of course, just like pea puree, she immediately suspects Morgan. Which we all get to hear about. A LOT.

Remaining Heather no longer, now she is Whiny Heather and her mission on Just Desserts is to find a way to eliminate Morgan. What she needs to do is concentrate on her desserts. Because she's letting some color bleed out on her plate.

While it's hard to see here, Erika's middle layer is not dark at all. However it's her ice cream that is failing her.

Danielle's play on the 128th anniversary is cute but fails to impress the judges.

In bit of twistiness the judges call in Whiny Heather, Danielle and Erika to Judges Table first leaving the four guys to start dripping copious amounts of loser sweat in the stew room. What the guys don't know is that it's the ladies who have to face the fire of failed dishes.

Even after their critique, they must not reveal that they are the losers as the menfolk enter Judges Table. That coupled with the judges slamming her ice cream causes something in Erika to snap.

However it's hard to argue with desserts like these.

Zac's deep fried Whoopie Pie. Deep Fried, need I say more?

Morgan's Blocks and Columns, a very clever take on a newspaper dessert.

Eric's beautiful and delicious Mississippi Mud Cake.

Yigit's dessert of many flavors and components.

The boys enter the Judges arena to take their punishment like men and nearly end up fainting with relief to find out they are the winners. Is it wrong that I love the whole deviousness of that move? Despite much praise and love heaped on the long suffering Eric, they finally announce Yigit the winner.

Unfortunately for me, one of my favs ends up going home and it's not Whiny Heather.

Erika has to pack up her pastry bag and move on. I know I'm sad but as it gets closer to the finale, the decisions are going to be harder and harder. Even more exciting? Just Dessert's version of Restaurant Wars. Don't look for the same old same old.


Making Space said...

I know, I was sad to see Erika go too.

And I still feel as if I'm experiencing some sort of Major Moral Failing that I find Morgan's desserts consistently impressive.

Nice b/w twistie there, Shamy.

This show is FUN.

intuitive eggplant said...

I'm with you, Shamy, in so many ways. Sorry to see Erika go. Was really rooting for Eric - happy to see how thrilled the self-proclaimed baker was for getting some praise for his plating. As an architect's daughter (and former editor), I couldn't help but love the look of Morgan's construction.

And I'm totally with you that JD's version of RW is bound to have some surprises in store (as is the finale).

(P.S., you experiencing any blogger glitches tonight? My posts are suddenly looking "miniaturized" to me. Hope it's just temporary.)

Big Shamu said...

Uh, Eggy I've started using the smaller version of photos for the Top Chef posts.

Buzz Kill said...

I'm glad you did the pics in Black and White because I think that's the only way any of these desserts met the requirements of the challenge. I was really dissappointed that there were browns and reds and the cheftestants weren't taken to task by the judges for it. I thought black and white means BLACK AND WHITE.

All I can say is that Erika's ice cream must have been dog-crap horrible for her to go home over Danielle's unimaginative Keebler Cookie entry. Just saying...

Word Verification: whats.black.and.white.and.red.all.over.penguin.in.a.blender. (just kidding - it's a nun with a spear through her head)

Dani said...

Ugh. Still haven't watched it yet. Today was early release for the kids, so no tv for me until later on.

Big Shamu said...

Snort...Dani you make them sound like little prisoners.

moi said...

What Buzz said. Erika was one of the folks I was pulling for so I was sorry to see her go.

Much as I hate to say it, though, Morgan did another bang up job.

Big Shamu said...

I still don't get how Morgan's cake, after two soakings with some sort of syrupy liquid still ended up being dry.

LaDivaCucina said...

I really liked Erika and would have much preferred to see Whiny Heather leave. I too like the deviousness of the twist, make 'em squirm, says I!