Thursday, October 21, 2010

Major Pimpage

The Quickfire from the latest Just Desserts had to have the most blatant Product Pimpage I've seen in a long time and I'm constantly on the Pimpage Alert System. But I'm wondering, did it work? Here we are, after the program has aired and I'm wondering if you can name the product?

Just Desserts put on their big purple Pimp hat during the last episode, can you remember what they were pimping?
How could I forget, they only bashed me over the head about a dozen times with the Product.
I can't remember because I was too busy watching Danielle make bizarre faces.
Team Go Diva Hair Gel?
Gotta be Gail's shoes even though the nude shoe trend is so done.
KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce for Ice Cream? free polls



Making Space said...

First of all, I had that dress in hot pink back in the 80s. It rocked with my perm.

Second of all, the pimpage reminded me of the old-style TV shows where they had to work the actual brand of cigarette into the sitcom. Haha

Third, FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS? There was like five thou worth of dish soap up there. That company could have coughed up twice that without noticing it. Phhht.

Fourth, Zac's constantly shifting hair is making me whimper.

froggy said...

Massive groans around the pond. Why, oh why?! It was bad enough before.

Buzz Kill said...

The most blatant shilling I can ever remember seeing on TC. Not only was the product everywhere but Gail even said some kind of tag line. When she described the one-pot challenge and said they could wash the pot using Dawn blah blah blah and there hands would be ok because of the the detergent blah blah blah. I was so flabbergasted that Gail would do such a thing that I can't even remember exactly how it went down. I guess she has to pay the bills somehow.

Word verification: soapwhore (just kidding)

Big Shamu said...

It was bad. Gail's tagline. The background rows of bottles everywhere. The hero shot of the bottle as some poor schmuck washed his pot again. I can only hope that the next step is not Gail wearing a giant styrofoam bottle to further drive home the point.

moi said...

The product shilling was tacky, tacky, tacky. As was Gail's dress, which made me sad, because she rarely has a fashion misstep. But this is too short, too young, too poof-sleeved, too shiny. Too bad.

Making Space said...

Oh damn. Now I want to see Gail dressed as dish soap.

Moi, if I find my pic of my 80s hot pink version of that dress anywhere (seems to have been lost to the mists of history) I'll figure out a way to send it to you. It'll make your day

moi said...

@Making Space: "It rocked with my perm." Bwahahahahaha! Yes, I must see the pink party dress horror.