Monday, October 25, 2010

Day of the Damned Dawn

When we last left our intrepid pastry chefs they had just been released from their pastry garment sweatshop after grinding out edible fashion. Time for another Quickfire or as it's known in my house, The Day of the Damned Dawn. You see for their dessert the chefs can only use one pot to cook their dish in.
They can wash it as many times as they want but they can use no other cooking or mixing vessels. This is also revenge of the Production Assistants who sometimes can spend a huge part of the day washing dirty pots and pans. What will they be cooking in their Pot?

Their mission is to make a savory dessert. Perhaps with bacon.

Now according to the Remaining Heather, a heinous crime was committed during the mad grab for bacon. Apparently Morgan dislocated her jaw as he posted up some beets. I suspect Remaining Heather is hoping to invoke the No Violent Touching Rule used back during Season Two of Top Chef to have Morgan jettisoned from the competition. Sadly the Referees fail to make a call therefore there is no foul. A torrent of milking ensues for the rest of the episode of Remaining Heather's massive injury. While Morgan may have won the battle of the beets, Team Go Diva totally bogarts the bacon.
Can I really blame anyone for keeping all the bacon to themselves? I think we all know the answer to that question. But will it help the Team win?
Zac apparently held on to some beets and comes strong up the lane with Beet Cake and Lemon Thyme Gremolata.

Eric stews some fruit, throws some prosciutto on top and hopes for the best.

Danielle made something that only made sense in Danielle World.

Morgan does some interesting things with his spoils of war.

Yigit goes crazy with the chocolate, bacon fat and foie gras. Now, I must point out that this is not the first time in the Top Chef Universe that chocolate and liver has been paired in a single dish. Ilan Hall tried his hand at it with disastrous results, encasing a chicken liver in a wad of chocolate. Yigit at least leaves the liver on the outside and keeps the bits small and manageable.

Remaining Heather has a lot going on in one tiny dish.

Erika's dessert is suspiciously absent from review on the show (never a good sign). However I did find a photo of it at Bravo's website.
This is described as a Blue Cheese Milk Chocolate Soup. I don't know about pairing Blue Cheese with Milk Chocolate. Still it didn't end up in the bottom three like Danielle, Eric and Remaining Heather's did. Who ended up the the top three? Again we've got Zac, Morgan and Yigit as the three to beat. Immunity is up for grabs but it finally comes down in Zac's hot little hand. Zac immediately proclaims himself as the Susan Lucci of Just Desserts. So it was written, So let it be done.

(With apologies to La Lucci)

Gail, not to be outdone by a queen in a better dress, has an offer for Zac. Would he trade immunity?

Zac, no dummy to the High Stakes game knows that Gail's shoe budget is higher than a measly thousand dollars and asks for more. Gail, no dummy to good TV, says, why yes, Zac, I'll up my offer to five thousand dollars. Zac caves and sells his immunity for the offer. I think he should have held out for a pair of Gail's red pumps. We'll see if Zac regrets selling his immunity for the Elimination Challenge. We'll also see if Remaining Heather can milk her booboo to any advantage what so ever.


Making Space said...

My li'l Zacy's all grown up and wearing a gorgeous gown!!!!!

I seriously hope he sees this. He will LOVE it.

Remaining Heather needs to calm down.

I am highly disturbed that I like Morgan's food.

Buzz Kill said...

Yeah, remaining Heather was ranting like a pissed off psycho killer. You know what, if you have 7 people diving into a pile of food, someone's going to get bruised. Man up!

And I'm convinced Danielle is either brain damaged or insane (her facial expressions are creeping me out). I think the top 3 in this quickfire are going to be your top 3 finalist.

Zac could have squeezed $10K out of Gail if he had just walked over and stood next to the Dawn pimpage display.

word verification: whinybitch (just kidding)

LaDivaCucina said...

LoL to Buzz's comment! Sham I'm so glad you watch this show so carefully, I forget so much! I didn't realize until seeing your post that three people did beet dishes. Danielle is a train wreck with her palate and may I just say PUKE to Yigit's dessert with liver!

I'm up with a very late DSS by the way. Cheers!

intuitive eggplant said...

Day of the Damned Dawn, indeed! Great photochop of La Zacci! Hmm, wondering how restaurant, er, dessert wars will roll . . .

moi said...

I love chocolate. I love bacon. I love fois gras. But together? Yew. Come of think of it, all these dishes sort of turned my tummy. And that's a hard thing to do.

Big Shamu said...

MS I hope Susan Lucci doesn't see it.

Buzz, I'm going to do a whole post of Danielle faces and boy do I have a lot.

Diva, they did bring the beets hard didn't they?

Eggy, it sounds like they let them set up their own pastry shop.

Moi, I agree that it sounds not good but I'd still try it. Once.