Monday, October 18, 2010

You Can Soufflé If You Want To

So the ambulance and Seth have faded into the distance. I thought for sure we'd see much more celebrating back at the condo.While there might have been a wild party commemorating a Seth-free life, we the viewers did not get to see it. Instead we are treated to a classic clique envy. It seems Team Go Diva is causing some resentment among the folks not part of Team Go Diva.

I'm resentful that Team Go Diva has given itself such a lame name. Despite all this resentment, we still have a Quickfire to attend to and our guest judge is all over that like white on whipped cream. I give you Sherry Yard and The Soufflé Dance.
"First we start off with what I like to call Surprise Jazz Hands..."

"...then we go right into the Soufflé Booté Bounce..."

"...and then big big ending with the Flying Bakers Back Kick."

With that inspiration, the chefs run off to make their soufflés. I can't tell if this is a creativity challenge or more of a skills challenge? Most head down the road of traditional soufflés while Zac decides to go the soufflé glacé route.

With tiny green apple pixie balls. Naturally.

She is one soufflé loving judge.

As for judging, two thirds of Team Go Diva ends up in the bottom, which makes Danielle very happy.
But that happiness is short lived when the remaining third takes the immunity, the Quickfire Win and....
...sticks the Dismount.

And damned if there isn't a uncanny resemblance between Yigit and his own dessert.


Making Space said...

Oh god, what can I possibly say? You turned a souffle quickfire into a Broadway production number, complete with props that look like the actors. I bow before the snarky greatness involved in creating this first act.

Can't wait for the denoument in the second act! Who will win? The Sharks or the Jets?

Jazz hands always make me happy. And you know if I were backstage with Yigit I'd be forced to dust his head with powdered sugar.

Is it wrong that my loyalty to Padma is slipping as my dizziness over Gail increases? Sigh...

Buzz Kill said...

I don't think I saw anyone cry in this quickfire. What's up with that? Gail has to be thinking Emmy with this cast of characters. And Yigit didn't have a spotter for the dismount or that mile-high souffle. I don't think I want to see any other body parts resembling desserts either.

Big Shamu said...

No MS, not at all. All part of my evil plan to have Gail overthrow the Top Chef universe.

Buzz I think you're right, I think this could be the first Just Desserts Quickfire sans tears. Will it continue this Wednesday? As for body parts you know Morgan can't wait to unveil his giant stuffed eclairs.

Dani said...

Rock on Gail!!!

moi said...

I think it's awesome that Yigit was born and raised in Turkey, where I do believe I have eaten some of the best food of my life to date. Souffle top or not, I dig the dude. Even if I consistently and unapologetically mis-pronounce his name.

Making Space said...