Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Top Chef Chicago In The News

Got a Top Chef monkey on your back? Keep the beast at bay by
watching video clips of the new Top Chef Chicago contestants, or check out the list of sponsors & prizes for the upcoming season. Special note - this time around, the winning chef will receive a Toyota Corolla in addition to the usual prizes...!!

Warning: Toyota or Toyota products may receive
equal or greater time than actual contestants.


Emma said...

If the number of commercials during those interviews is any indication of the upcoming season, we're in for a bumpy ride.

eggplant said...

The Top Chef monkey will no doubt soon be on my back again soon. But meanwhile, wanted to thank JJ for your earlier post about Last Restaurant Standing. Had a chance to catch part of it this evening and really enjoyed how down to earth it is. Thanks!


The Troll said...

I'm thinking about Marcel's "Let's open up a bottle of this fine Champagne" moment. And wondering if Bourdain will copy that with a bottle of Michelob.


Doodles said...

A _Corolla?_ I mean, I own one myself and it's a great car, but it's a four-banger economy vehicle.

Maybe Toyota actually wanted to give a car the cheftestant would keep?