Monday, March 31, 2008

2008 James Beard Award Nominees

Top chef is amongst the 2008
James Beard Award nominees.
(In two categories, no less!)

Thanks, Eggy!


eggplant said...

Your tag had it right. Gotta wonder who nominates/votes for these things. The "long list" election form for the Beard list included restaurants/restaurateurs only, not media stuff, and stated that anyone voting had to have eaten at the restaurants they were voting for. If the folks who vote for the media awards are required to have read/seen them, perhaps that narrows the pool. Or Bravo was aggressive in submitting TC. But Andy Cohen and company haven't been touting the Beard noms as they did the Emmy noms. Do they think the TC audience is too ignorant to have heard of the Beard awards?


The Troll said...

I second Eggy's thoughts. I need to take a Culinary Tour vacation someday. Sigh.

Travel Troll Poll at my blog today.

Curious what the Gal's have cookin'.