Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What's sweet and bubbly and great with food?

Karmic Kitchen Exclusive!!

Chef Carlos Fernandez and 7-Up!

A little bird told us that Chef Carlos has signed a deal with 7-Up, and will be going on tour to promote its 100% natural flavors. Stops on the tour will include Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas and Houston, where he'll re-create four of the seven recipes from the 7-Up recipe booklet. (We bet Chef Carlos had a lot of fun designing entrees with 7-Up instead of the usual dessert or beverage!)

The tour is from May to August, and will end on Cada Dia (Telemundo) with Carlos judging a $70,000 giveaway for the best consumer 7-Up recipe! (We'll be sure to post the entry form when we get it!)

In the meantime, we're trying to figure out how to smuggle the life sized Chef Carlos cutout out of the store...

Thanks, Tweety!


eggplant said...

Good to see Carlos' great smile again. And I'm still indebted to Chuck for his sherry & wine recommendations for my tapas dinner. Wishing them both well.


The Troll said...

I'm guessing my idea of mixing it with whiskey won't be creative enough to bring in the 70K.