Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh Come ON!

You know, for seven seasons of Top Chef, Chef Tom, either in his Bravo blog or at judge's table, always talks about how he would approach a challenge or how he would have made a successful dish. For seven seasons we obsessively anal Top Chef fans screamed for him to put his money where his mouth was. Never happened. Then Top Chef Masters happened and I thought for sure he would step up and compete. Hasn't happened yet. Then the tantalizing previews that the All Star chefs would get a chance to compete against Chef Tom. NOW that's what I'm talking about.

Well.....turns out the only thing the chefs got to compete against was Tom's cooking time. To which I call SHENANIGANS!!!!!!

It's one thing to have 10 chefs fighting over product in a refrigerator, space at a stove, or just not running into each other or camera people. It's a WHOLE nother thing to have the kitchen to yourself, the stoves or ovens to yourself and have no freaking twists like making a dish with no utensils. Questions I have: Did he know what product would be available, did he know clams would be available, did he have time to conceptualize his dish ahead of time? Who was judging his dish? Did it meet the Quickfire challenge rules?

I totally get that Tom is fast and that the whole theme of this episode was you've got to be quick but let's not forget how Tom was introduced for this little ego stroke, touted as one of the best chefs in the country. (Also note, not one of the All Stars guessed who it was, ouch!) If he's one of the best then I say, man up, put yourself against the next round of Top Chef Masters and we'll see how you do. Until then....SHENANIGANS


the dogs' mother said...

>did he have time to conceptualize his dish ahead of time?<

Yup, same questions asked at the Pond.

Big Shamu said...

I love how no one guessed it might have even been Tom, bhwahahahahhahaha.

Buzz Kill said...

As fast as Tom went, he had to know what he was making and what was available ahead of time. Plus he had the advantage of the time being when his dish was done. Sure he was going as fast as he could but whether it was 8:37 or 11:09, his dish was done to his satisfaction. The previews also made it look like Padma was helping him, which she didn't.

This whole episode was rigged for failure.

Java Junkie said...

Shenanigans seconded. Let the roshambo begin!!

WAJ said...

Diet Colicchio is the culinary Vince McMahon.

Captain Obvious said...

Captain Obvious says:

That was a Branzino, not a black sea bass.

Melissa said...

I third Shenanigans!

Branzino, branzini, loup de mer, black sea bass, mediterranean sea bass, big pain in my ass...

I never know what the heck I'm getting anymore. I just can't keep them all straight.

No kidding. My word verification is


Big Shamu said...

Hey WAJ, long time, glad to see you back and very astute observation.

Captain Obvious, thanks for keeping us on our fishy toes.

Melissa, I can make you some flash cards if you like?

I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE WORD VERIFICATION. If I did it would be much funnier and dirtier.

Captain Obvious said...

Captain Obvious has seen live, big Branzino swim right past him(a dark, very fast blur, but Cpt. Obvious could still ID them) with a school of enormous Mullet when fishing along the shore on Ireland's southwestern coast for said Branzino aka Loup De Mer in most parts of Europe.

Captain Obvious went during spawning season and Ireland has really strict laws on catching the bass during this time for good reason.

They are mainly farmed in Spain and Greece for the markets around the world. Locals go fishing for them all the time around Europe.

Magical Elves apparently doesn't like to do their homework.

Anonymous said...

Captain Obvious: I've heard it's the non-magical elves that do their homework.

Everything just comes so easily for the magical ones.