Thursday, January 13, 2011

Casey Thompson, Still Going Strong

Blogging is an interesting endeavor. Blogging about food, photography and Top Chef has given me a fascinating opportunity to reach people half a world away. Now, I'm not naive enough believe that most folks come here for my sparkling wit, the mad photochoppy skills or my recipes for crab cakes. No, I know exactly what some of you are here for. Wait, scratch that. Make that what quite a few of you are here for.

casey's bikini

You're here for the photo above. How do I know this? Well...for one this is still America, home of the Free, land of the Hotties and the men who love to oogle them. Also there's my Blogger stat page which tells me the post this picture was featured in is kicking all the other post's ass in terms of pageviews. But my favorite method of gauging what's hot and what's not is my stat counter. Let's just say Casey is an international sensation. But is she a Domestic Threat?

Casey Fan

Perhaps only to domestic productivity. Or?? Could the Department of Homeland Security be looking for a new spokesperson for Cybersecurity? What ever the reason, I'm sure Casey would bring much needed attention to our domestic security needs. God Bless America!!

The famous Villa Romana del Casale mosiac dating back to the Diocletian Period (286 - 305 AD).


the dogs' mother said...

Holy Spatula!

Big Shamu said...

I'm telling you, she's off the charts.

Syd said...

[grin] That will be all. Thanks.

Dani said...


Buzz Kill said...

I think Homeland Security is a pretty boring job. Those guys have to do something for entertainment.

MakingSpace said...

Them Texas fillies.