Monday, November 1, 2010

Mise En Place Pie Crust Race

Pie crust. Little details like pie crust and holes in your dough. Makes all the difference in the world when you're fighting to stay in the running on Just Desserts. Gail and her merry band of Sugar Freaks (she's Sugar Freaky, YOW) whipped up a wicked little Mise En Place relay race.

Is it me or is Gail's smile a little more wicked than usual?

Wow, what a sur-prise??? Team Diva all pick the same color cookie from the Cookie Jar of Fate.

Spasms of sugar and coffee fueled dancing erupts. Now in the interest of whacked out drama it would have been much better had Whiny Heather been paired up with the extremely annoying Morgan but it was not to be. We'll have to wait until Season Two for possible Pie Fight action. For today we'll just have to settle for Johnny Izzuni and the Mise En Place Dancers.
So here's the rundown. Mold 12 perfect tart shells, pipe 8 perfect butter cream roses, separate and whip 6 egg whites to firm peaks stiff enough to hold overhead for 10 seconds and last but certainly not least, stretch strudel dough over the length of the the table and then roll the strudel. Piece of cake, yes?
Maybe not. Especially since Gail adds the incentive of three grand each for the winners. First the teams have a bit of a stare down while waiting for the opening whistle. And they're OFF!
Danielle vs. Yigit molding tart shells. For whatever else Danielle is, she's a whiz at this task and smokes Yigit, leaving him far behind. Winner Danielle.
Eric vs. Whiny Heather making butter cream roses. Now because of Danielle's speed, Eric gets a head start on his task while Yigit is still correcting his not perfect tarts. Yigit finally finishes and Whiny Heather has some catching up to do. Which she does while Eric starts to get a bit nervous. Suddenly Heather is calling for Johnny to check her work while Eric is just finishing his last rose.
Johnny calls Heather good (even though Eric's roses are much prettier) and Team Diva takes this round.
Putting the beat down on 6 innocent egg whites is Zac vs. Morgan.
Frankly Zac looks like a frenzied little chipmunk whisking his egg whites and Morgan looks like he could whip concrete into stiff peaks and still not break a sweat.
Did you know that gypsy pastry chefs can tell the future in the stiff peaks of egg whites? Little know fact. So Morgan calls time and easily takes this round but not much of a lead and that could hurt them in the final strudel stretching finale.
So strudel stretching begins and things seem to start out really well for both teams with nice complete dough happening on both sides. (raise your hand if you've stretched strudel)
Especially under the watchful eye of Gail and her little black dress. But it's not long before Morgan and his team start running into holes and tears.
So while they try and repair the damage, Team Diva reaches apple filling and rolling stage.
Suddenly Team Diva is calling check before the other team can even touch their filling.
Johnny makes the final judgement and calls the race won for Team Diva.
Making them three thousand dollars richer and leaving a bitter, sour strudel on the other side.
Will the Black Team reach down deep to out Diva the Divas in Dessert Wars?


Making Space said...

This was a great relay race - great recap too. It was a fun one to watch - I'm really into this whole show.

(And it's not just the little black dress.)

Big Shamu said...

Bwhhahahahahahahha (not little black dress)hahahaahahahahhahahahahahah.

intuitive eggplant said...

Great recap - lol to the mis en place dancers!

Meanwhile, did you read the essay that won Bourdain's contest? I totally don't get it. I was ready to post a comment that escalated into a rant (on ATC) then decided I'd better back off. Possible rant to come on my blog. Sheesh. Tony needs to bring some snark to TC All-Stars or . . . else.

Big Shamu said...

I did read the winning essay and I'm not surprised. It was clear, funny and to the point. No shmaltz, straight up tired guy who's wife loves him enough to make sure he at least gets good food at the end of a hard work day. Loved it.

Dani said...

Loved this one!

Buzz Kill said...

I thought this challenge was funny as hell. Danielle molded those tarts like an idiot savant. And Remaining Heather made some of the sloppiest icing roses. She's no petite flower.

But pastry work will tell the tail in the elimination (oooohhh- foreshadowing).

Big Shamu said...

I thought is was a great challenge. I love the unexpected nervousness of Yigit and the machine-like Danielle whipping through those tart shells. And while Morgan was impressive with egg whipping, his strudel stretching (and boy doesn't that sound provocative), not so good.

Dani said...