Thursday, November 4, 2010

Celebrities and Tea?

A Celebritea Party? Two things I spend absolutely no time or money on. I mean, I get Ladies Who Lunch but really, tea parties? How many tea parties have you been to in the last six months? Not counting the political ones?

A Celebritea Party?
Anything celebrating celebrities should be shunned.
Tea? You mean like Bubble Tea?
I don't eat no stinkin' crumpets.
Call me when the Margarita Party gets started. free polls


froggy said...

This series is starting to look like Dialing for Dollars.

Big Shamu said...

Yeah, not too impressed with this episode.

LaDivaCucina said...

I have enjoyed yummy afternoon teas in Sydney many times though. (and of course as a three year old) Dee lish scones and cream and jam! YUM! I hated that "tea experts" comments on this show and how she tried to make Devonshire sound French. She said: da von sha You know I wanted to slap her....

PS: Sham, you've been slammin' out the posts lately! whew

Dani said...

Our Shamy is AWESOME!

Making Space said...

First of all, agree with The Shamster Rockin' the Blog these days. Woot!

Second, I voted for bubble tea, but only since you didn't include the hippie option: homemade kombucha.

If I could have tea with Johnny Depp in that outfit I would, though. I wanna see that makeup up close. And ask him if it itched a lot.

Making Space said...

I have a general comment about this particular show - something I really like about it. I'm perfectly willing to guffaw and roll my eyes at the Dawn Hand Renewal Sweepstakes that seems to be happening every week. And Mostly I want to thunk Morgan on the forehead with every bite of his delicious desserts.

But here's what I REALLY like. The judges acknowledge that you get eliminated based on THIS dish. Yes. At the same time, they talk about each contestant's overall work and talent. So, for example, a person being eliminated (or even close to being eliminated) will be told that they are better than this. I hope I'm expressing that clearly - it's an attitude that seems unique to this show, and I really like it. It's almost like the judges themselves want the contestants to live up to their best work, and get upset if they don't.