Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If I Knew You Were Coming...

Last big challenge before the finals. I was expecting a challenge that really forces the last four chefs stretch their culinary muscles.

Not exactly pulling a Gumby here are they? The basic challenge is make a sixty first anniversary cake for Sylvia Weinstock and her husband, Ben. Right off the bat I have issues. You're having a big party, celebrating over sixty years of being with the one you love and you don't tell the baker what kind of cake you want? This could have been so much more fun if the couple had interviewed privately with each chef and told each of them different elements she wanted in the cake.
That would have been surprising. So was it any surprise we got some really weak cakes?

Morgan. This has got the be the most boring cake I've ever seen on tv. Talk about playing it safe.

Yigit. A little more complicated than Morgan's, I like the beach ball decorations however Yigit fails at executing some of the internal elements of his cake.

Danielle. Again, nothing fancy but I love that she took the chance on the gray frosting coloring. I know Sylvia didn't like it but really, did we expect someone that old school would like that color?

Zac. Well. If you're gonna go out, go out big.

Judge's Table is pretty much what you'd expect, Zac is rightly called out for this disaster of a cake but not before he and Morgan rip each other bloody. While Morgan may be happy that Zac is gone (but not entirely) he can take no comfort in winning the challenge. That happy development goes to Danielle and her battleship gray cake.

Jumping for Joy right out of the camera frame. Now that's a happy winner.


Making Space said...

So first off, at judges' table Zac was clearly unhappy with Morgan, but Morgan responded by bullying. I was not happy that the judges responded with silence.

Second, I bet you dollars to CakeWrecks that was NOT the real 61st anniversary party. I bet it was a made-for-the-challenge event. I bet the real party was a much bigger shindig, with Sylvia herself supervising the making of any and all cakes.

Or maybe I'm cynical...

Everybody all together: Dawn Hand Renewal and Godiva ChoclatYAY!!

Big Shamu said...

While I didn't say it in the post, the challenge did have a feel of a fill in challenge. Like the original idea or the original guest fell through and Sylvia was a last minute fill in. How hard would it be to collect a bunch of friends to eat some cake?

moi said...

And if you're celebrating a big ol' anniversary like this, why would you do it on television? I find that kind of class-less.

However, I loved Danielle's cake. I thought the color was brave and elegant.

Buzz Kill said...

I thought this challenge was contrived as well. And I probably made a Danielle face when they anounced her as winner of the challenge. Gray, really? If I'm 100 friggin years old and I'm celebrating a 60-whatever anniversary, the last thing I want a cake to remind me of is mold and zombies. If Danielle had made the cake white or yellow (bright life-like colors) than I'd agree she won.

Zac's cake reminded me of the Hung cereal diarama and he definitely deserved to go. When Morgan imitated Zac at judges table, that was the most emotion I think we've seen from him. I liked the ballet step that went with it.

I have a college thing to attend with the boy tonight so I hope I get to see tonights episode.

LaDivaCucina said...

Zac threw Morgan under the bus so he deserved what Morgan said, he was not bullying but standing up for himself. And if you pitch, ya gotta be ready to catch. Zac's cake was a blue hot mess and dare I say, bordering on disgusting! Nothing elegant about it at all and I have to wonder what he was thinking, it was like he threw away this challenge.

While Morgan's cake looked boring it would be the only one I'd want to eat based on looks alone. Call me "old school" but gray really doesn't work as an appetizing colour for cake (OR nail polish!)

At the end of the day, Danielle deserved to win because the cake tasted the best.

By the way, I don't get how ANYBODY would want their personal life celebrations on the show.