Saturday, April 2, 2011

Halibut Two Ways

Trying to find the new normal in my life. As usual, cooking brings comfort even though there's one furry face missing while watching me cook. Life does go on. Even though it's now April, wanted to drop one more Mapril offering to those of you who are still suffering under March's harsh ending (hello Northeast, so sorry for you). Took that peppery Lime/Maple/White Pepper/Cilantro marinade that I used on the chicken wings and gave a lovely piece of halibut a quick bath.

Lime Halibut1

Just broiled it. Immediately scarfed it down. While the wings blunted the pepper, the fish totally embraced the white pepper and let the kick shine through. Thank you Whole Foods for fresh, wild caught halibut. Not to mention a side of bacon stir-fried brussel sprouts.

maple halibut

A week later, Whole Foods is still bringing the halibut and don't you know Virginia Willis got into the act even while she was at the spa. While technically it's not a Southern Saturday, we'll pretend that it is.

cornmeal halibut

Cornmeal-crusted Halibut? Oh yeah, good stuff. So if you've got a Whole Foods nearby or have access to some nice halibut, fill up. If you've got a third way to serve this lovely fish, tell me about it, I'd love to hear.


MakingSpace said...

I went OOOOOHHHHHH with an audible gasp.

OK I want thirds of the brussels sprouts and seconds of the cornmeal crusted halibut.

Lurv your fish spatula, fancygrrl.

So glad cooking feels comforting. So glad.

the dogs' mother said...

Alas, no Whole Foods here but I'm gonna find something for that marinade!
Take care,

Sharon Rudd said...

I would never have thought of putting maple, lime, pepper and cilantro together, but your photos are spectacular and enticing as always.

I can't imagine what a hole there is in your life where your dear Jake used to be. If it helps, some seafood comfort food up over at my place, with you in mind.

Take care, eggy

Susan said...

yummy. we never buy halibut because here in Nova Scotia, practically on the ocean, halibut is as expensive as lobster ??

go figure. In the summer we have a fish truck that parks in front of a convenience store every Friday afternoon, lots of variety fresh & flash frozen seafood and often fresh halibut. The prince & I were just saying the other day - this summer we will treat ourselves - from frugal fish lovers up North.
It looks like you cooked it just to perfection.

xoxo take good care hugs Susan & D

Cooking is comfort for me too !

Dani said...

Yep, another maple recipe that's gonna get cooked up in my kithcen here too. Thank You!

Jenny said...

I used panko and cilantro with my halibut. Egg wash and then baked for 30 minutes with a lemon zest on top while it baked.

Are you shocked? I used my oven.

The "new normal" takes time. :-(

Captain Obvious said...

Captain Obvious says:


Guess it depends(recipes) on what kind of Halibut.

Pacific(from Alaska) has less fat than Atlantic does and can quickly turn into jerky if cooked improperly. But, both species have a very low amount of fat compared to say, a Salmon or Cod.

I'm almost positive that the Halibut Shamu bought was Pacific Halibut. The Atlantic relatives are overfished.

If Captain Obvious remembers correctly.....'One nut' from TC S3 picked Halibut because he said it wouldn't dry out or something like that while cooking it on the airplane.

Which means...he had no idea wtf he was talking about.

Melissa said...

That looks fantastic!

Damn whole foods - why won't they cross the state line?

And rumor is two Trader Joe's at 119th and one on Ward Parkway.

But what can I expect in a place where even a Hen House was put out of business by a Walmart SuperCenter. sad for me.

Syd said...

I love halibut, so I'd eat both. But, I would embarrass myself by furking INHALING the first one. Damn, that looks good.

Big Shamu said...

Seriously MS, those brussel sprouts are wicked good.

Froggy, Pacific Northwest yes? I'm sure you can get halibut much easier than I can.

Thanks Eggy, I'll take comfort where I can find it these days.

Ah Susan, if you see Captain Obvious's note about halibut being overfished on the east coast I would imagine that's why it's so expensive for you. But well worth the price and really heart healthy especially if you cook it the first way.

Dani, it's good stuff. I bet it would be good on shrimp.

Boxer....sorry, had to pick my jaw up off the floor. You cooked, used your new oven, and used a fresh herb. I am totally impressed. If you also tell me that you had a vegetable side to go with that halibut someone will have to bring me smelling salts to revive me.

I know the new normal takes time it just doesn't make it suck any less. But I thank you for your thoughts of comfort.

Captain, you are correct as usual, it was Pacific halibut. I didn't over cook either one and both were delicious. Let's see, that had to have been Season Three - Miami because they had that silly cook inflight meals for a plane full of people on the ground. Now...CJ picked halibut to serve....however Hung who picked sea bass actually made the comment about his fish holding up well because of it's high fat content when Tom did his poke and prod. Not that it mattered because CJ served the Broccolini of Death and got himself auffed.

Sorry Melissa, it's not my fault that it's a mere hop, skip and a jump from me. I will say a see a lot of Missouri plates in the parking lot. As for Trader Joe's, it's no rumor, it's fact. The one on Ward Parkway will open up this summer I hear. So if you want the good stuff, you're going to have to get in your car and get away from that evil Walmart SuperCenter.

Syd, I'll make enough so you don't have to embarrass yourself....that is at least until we get you back on that mule.

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