Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Rituals


It's springtime and that means enjoying one of my most favorite spring rituals. The watching of the Ten Commandments. I love this epic. Filmed in 1956, it was Cecil B. DeMille's last directorial effort and a film of epic proportions. Costumes, sets, music and design, all were colorful and amazingly detailed. It also had an amazing amount of men in skirts.

No offense to the Heston fans, he just doesn't fill out a skirt the same way Yul Brynner did.

Yul Brynner was one sexy beast.

I don't know what Nefertari was thinking, Moses was kinda of doofus.

And then there's the casting. Edward G. Robinson as Jewish slave? Really?

Yvonne De Carlo as Moses' shepherdess wife. Don't recognize her?

Recognize her now?

So in honor of Passover, Easter and the Ten Commandments, I decided to try my hand at making matzo ball soup. But not any old matzo balls, Technicolor Matzo Ball Soup. Well....that's what I'm calling it. Susie Fishbein, whose recipe it is, calls it Tricolor Matzo Ball Soup.


A little spinach, a little turmeric and a little tomato paste spice up the matzo balls of old, adding both flavor and color.

matzo ball soup2

Believe me, you need a big hearty bowl of soup to get through four hours of some unintentionally hilarious dialogue. My most favorite line? Heston's "Thou didst blow with thy winds..." Does it get any better than that?

matzo ball soup

Enjoy the goodness of spring.


MakingSpace said...

I've never had matzo ball soup, that looks interesting.

Less than an hour until I can watch all of this myself. So it is written so it shall be done.

MakingSpace said...

On the contrary, I am regularly invited to bar mitzvahs. But there are no matzo balls at them.

Big Shamu said...

You need to get invited to a Passover meal.

MakingSpace said...

Ahhhh - see, that's the season I'm trying to avoid Easter.

This might be just the ticket.

Next year.

the dogs' mother said...

I love how the old movies mirrored the hair and make-up of the day.

Soup looks tasty.

Dani said...

I can remember curling up on the couch with my Dad watching this. He loved all the old movies. Our favorite was always Lilys of the Field.

Buzz Kill said...

Damn, I missed The Ten Commandments this year. I like your Matzo Ball Soup. Most of the ones I've seen are very gray or beige looking. I like the color.

Happy Belated Easter.

Anonymous said...

Bummer....watched on dvr last night and NEEDED THAT SOUP! I've never seen a colorful matzo ball....did it taste good?

Big Shamu said...

Anony, I used too much turmeric in the yellow one but yes I think they tasted good.