Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still Done!

If you came here for snark about last night's episode of Top Chef All Stars, I'm sorry. I didn't watch. While I had planned to go the movies and eat greasy popcorn, I was just too tired. Instead I watched some of a repeat of Battle Oyster on Iron Chef America. I'm sure you can guess which chef they put up for that battle? Yes, Cat Cora and yes she won. Next was a little bit of Bobby Flay throwdown and battle lobster mac and cheese. But not even those two wonderful things together couldn't hold my interest. So I found comfort in the lovely acting abilities of Coté de Pablo who is a Chilean-American actress and recording artist playing a Israeli Mossad agent on the tv show NCIS.

Frankly...considering the two finalists....I made the better choice. You know why? Because I'm still....



the dogs' mother said...

They promo-ed the reunion show last night and Elia takes after Tom. Are you going to watch? Or are you DONE-DONE?

Big Shamu said...

I heard about that from my culinary Godmother. I may have to watch just to see a chef, a woman chef go after Tom. It's about time someone got under his skin.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my night, only it was Survivor and then Ziva. I just couldn't watch any more male posturing.

Cote de Pablo wins it all!



Big Shamu said...

Amen GG. Good Ziva episodes too. Slap fight with Abs and a beat down of a female Iranian agent.

MakingSpace said...

That sounds like a much better night than watching Blais and Isabella duke it out.

The Twitterverse went nuts for Richard, which surprised me.

the dogs' mother said...

I think everyone was relieved that Richard didn't dissolve into a "quivering, jibberish-spewing, Gollum-esque MESS" according to friend and fellow blogger David opined (

I figured him for the win as his tweets were always upbeat and I don't think he could have hidden a loss.

Noxy said...

Top Chef used to be the only show I would actually turn on my television for. (The rest I prefer to simply Netflix - better scheduling and no terrible commercials to deal with.)

No more.

It's honestly sad to see my favorite show become so utterly, utterly disgusting.

Yeah, that's the word I want to use about that finale.

Everything about it was disgusting.

Joining you guys on the "done" bandwagon.

Big Shamu said...

Well Noxy, if nothing else, the snacks will be tasty on the DONE Bandwagon.