Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spicy Edamame

The Culinary Godmother sent me this recipe from The Tasting Table. If you've been in a Japanese restaurant for sushi, more than likely you've started off your meal with an appetizer of warm, salted edamame. These little soy bean pods are just as addictive as pistachios or sunflower seeds. This recipe punches up the flavor with seven different spices.

seven spice powder

I passed on adding the Sansho powder since I've never heard of it before and had too much yard work to do to go on a single ingredient hunt in the suburbs of Kansas. I also went with the milder Ancho chili powder because....say it with me...I'm a wimp.

spicy edamame

Not too wimpy to plow through a bowl of these. This legume is a great source of protein, easily stored in the freezer and just takes a quick blanching and they are ready to eat. So if you like spicy, healthy snacks, be sure to give this recipe a try.


MakingSpace said...

ooo love edamame! Can you find it fresh there?

Does the taste transfer to the beans, or do you just taste it on the (husk? shell? outer covering?) as you pop the beans into your mouth?


the dogs' mother said...

One of the folks allergic to soy. Does force a person never to resort to prepared stuff in the grocery store and closely read labels. Soy is everywhere.

Looks tasty!

MakingSpace said...

Froggy can you do peanuts? I bet this spice mix would be insane on peanuts...

Big Shamu said...

It's more of a transfer thing.

Oh no Froggy, that's too bad. I love edamame. I guess that makes you the expert label reader.

Might be good on popcorn too.

the dogs' mother said...

There are always possibilities. Interestingly, like my brother, GB has become my kitchen assistant and he is a spice freak too.

Dani said...

YUMMY! I fell in love with edamame last year when I planted it in the garden. This year I'm doubling the space.

Sharon Rudd said...

The spices sound captivating, and your photos are as well! I've been gifted with some dried edamames, which this recipe wasn't designed for. Any suggestions for the dried variety?

Jenny said...

Hey! I made some this weekend; pulled the bag out and within minutes had hot peas. But I just over salted them.

I deep fat fried Peeps this weekend and I thought of you.

Captain Obvious said...

Captain Obvious says:

Photos look tasty.

Edamame is one of CO's fondest childhood memories. Although, back then, it wasn't readily available in your frozen section. CO would have to wait for them to be in season.

Captain Obvious does lines of Sansho for breakfast followed by a shot of sambal and a sriracha chaser every morning...

During the Spring.

Summer is a different breakfast cocktail.

Melissa said...

We love edamame at home, but have never tried such a clever twist. Don't have any fresh, but pretty sure there's a bag in the deep freeze. thanks!

Big Shamu said...

Dani, are they easy to grow? I might try a few plants.

Boxer, you are becoming the Kitchen Freak. Did you batter your Peeps first?

Captain Obvious is on the other end of the Spice Spectrum from Big Shamu. Big Shamu = Wimp, Captain Obvious = Warrior.

Melissa, I keep waiting for them to show up in the local farmer's market but so far, no go.

Captain Obvious said...

Captain Obvious says:

CO gets very, very upset when ordering such things as Thai red curry or vindaloo curry and specifically requesting the 'hot' version. When CO tastes, there is nothing remotely spicy on the palate because it has been altered to fit general consumers.

One thing that CO doesn't mess with too much are scotch bonnets.

CO went to a good BBQ place in Orlando last year and all of the 'hot sauces' were lame. Then...CO saw the 'Nuclear scotch bonnet sauce' CO dipped a rib in there, took a bite and almost had brain matter explode from the ear canal.

Captain Obvious had down some pot liquor in lieu of being brought to the ER.