Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tell us something we didn't know.

The New York Post recently came out with their five best and worst judges of reality TV. Guess who was at the top of the list as the Best?


That's right, Gail Simmons. We've only been saying this for years but the list is also notable for who is on it's worst list - the insipid Toby Young and the pedestrian Gael Greene. Also interesting? Who is not on the list - Tom Colicchio.

Check out the whole list and be sure to check out Gail's new show Top Chef Desserts when it hits Bravo's airwaves.


Buzz Kill said...

I think I could watch Gail eating dessert. Especially if she makes yummy noises.

LaDivaCucina said...

MY comments didn't post, poo.

I told you way back when that past Top Chef Sandee Birdsong told me she was working on a top secret TC dessert show, this must be it! Looking forward to seeing it.

moi said...

She's got style and grace, for sure. And those shoes. Must. Have.

Jenny said...

First, I'd love those legs and shoes.

Dessert show! I'm so there.

Dani said...

I wanna look like her in my next life.