Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hi I'm Top Chef Masters and I might be an Alcoholic...

epi3 chefs

The boys are back in town...
Yes, six returnees from Season One, each with something to prove. From left to right we have Mark Peel, Graham Elliot Bowles, Rick Moonen, Wylie Dufresne, Ludo Lefebvre, and Jonathan Waxman. Six very competitive men, reeking of testosterone. Will they come to blows? I doubt it, I mean it's not like we're watching an episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Still the Quickfire or How to get Lubed at 8 in the morning is not helping matters.

Picture 41

Gak. I'm screwed. The challenge is to pair Stolichnaya vodka drinks with a dish the chefs create. Now if you read the comments of my earlier post, you've come to a couple of conclusions. One, the real hard core drinkers don't read this blog and two, those who do drink don't drink mixed drinks with their dinner. Appetizers...maybe. Maybe the judges will be articulate and astute consumers of fine food and vodka drinks?


DAMN! Doubly screwed. Orange County Housewives. Don't be surprised if they expect Botox Chasers after dinner. Oh yeah...


...Judge Gael Greene hiding her face in shame at having to share a table with the OC Wives (good god that thing on her head looks like an overly starched napkin stolen from La Cage Aux Folles). Back to the boys in the kitchen.

Picture 44

Picture 45

Picture 46

Picture 47

With their drinks chosen and their little silver shakers (coming soon to a Top Chef Shop near you) in hand, the chefs have 45 minute to cook their dish.

Picture 2

Cooking begins...

Picture 1

...imbibing continues.


You know it's getting bad when the Gadget King can't handle a simple blender. Perhaps it's time for....A TWIST! A QuickFire Top Chef Masters Kitchen Sobriety Checkpoint*.


If you don't pass the nice California Highway Patrolman takes away your knives.

Meanwhile Jonathan Waxman has finishes his dish 20 minutes early,

Picture 53

while Wylie channels the kids from Glee with his attempt at Jazz Hands.


(Stick with the cooking gig Wylie) Did he really pass the TC Master Kitchen Sobriety Checkpoint?

Picture 58

Rick just wants to mess with the Frenchman's head.

Picture 48

Which is not that hard to do.

Picture 57

Jonathan relaxes while the rest of the chefs scurry madly around the kitchen. Finally Happy Hour is up and they head for the judges table. Which I will refuse to show you. The bimbos of the OC get too much TeeVee time as it is so no Bimbos for you.

Picture 3

Which is a good thing because the Bimbos nearly unhinge Ludo.

But I will show you the food.

Graham Coriander Mule

Graham - Coriander Mule

Crudo of Black Cod with an Edamame and Red Onion Salad

Jonathan Lemongrass Mojito

Jonathan - Lemongrass Mojito

Pork Tenderloin and Poblano Stuffed Shrimp with Avocado Butter

Ludo - Nutmeg Apple Mojito

Ludo - Nutmeg Apple Mojito

Roasted Pork Chop with Rosemary, Thyme and Garlic

Rick - Forest Fruits

Rick - Forest Fruits

Cream Biscuit Berry Shortcake

Wylie - Russian Tea Room

Wylie - Russian Tea Room

Artic Char with Lentils, Bacon, Crispy Potatoes and Lemon Yogurt

Mark - Ginger Figgle

Mark - Ginger Figgle

Mussel Custard with Lime and figs

I'm not going to pretend to know how these dishes matched up to their drinks. I will say everyone scored well but there was one chef who scored a perfect 5 stars.

Picture 4
That's right, the man who finished 20 minutes early, Jonathan Waxman. He assumed correctly that a smaller more appetizer-like dish would appeal much more to the Bimbos than a heavy pork chop or an overly sweet dessert. Kudos to Jonathan.

Next up, Pub Grub.

*This Imaginary QuickFire Twist has been brought to you by the Imaginary Voices in Big Shamu's Head.


Making Space said...

Sobriety checkpoint. LOL

Those guys were - expressive.

Dani said...

Jazz Hands!!!!!lol

Maybe we should be a little worried that Shamy is hearing imaginary voices....

Big Shamu said...

Dani, Voice number 8 says not to worry.

Buzz Kill said...

I have to agree with Ludo (although he is a giant smacked ass) that the bimbos had no idea what they were talking about (I don't like ginger). However, as Janathan proved, you have to know who you're cooking for. Time and again we've seen that mistake on TC.

Although I personally wouldn't have come up with these pairings, I understood most of them. I would have liked to see them walk a straight line at judges table.

moi said...

"Please don't feed the tacky ass 'ho's."

Sharon Rudd said...

Bwahahah. Would I rather see product placement or the Housewives of whatever county/state? Answer: Neither, and all of the above. What's the diff?

The boys certainly came to play. And it was interesting to see them given another chance. Now when do Wylie and Graham/Elliot get their own show - THAT's something I'd watch. (As long as it wasn't another Amazing Race rip-off like FN is doing with actual talent . . .)

LaDivaCucina said...

Agree with Eggy all the way! I don't watch those hateful housewife shows, horrible, uneducated people that grate my last nerve. They just sounded so stupid.

I do love listening to Trainwreck Ludo whine though! haha! He'd fit right in with the dramatic Latin "cultcha" down here.

Are the recipes to the drinks on the TC site? Haven't had time to check out.