Thursday, February 11, 2010

Karmic Dilemma

This giant foodie Orca is faced with a mighty Karmic Dilemma. You see my little Top Chef Crack Monkeys, Top Chef Masters is about to hurtle back into our lives with Season Two. They just announced the lineup of 22 Master Chefs and I have to admit it's a pretty fantastic group. I thought I had my Fav to win it all picked out and ready to go......that's right, long time Shamu Chef Crush, Susan Feniger. A 30 year veteran of opening and running successful restaurants, writing cookbooks, starring as half of the Too Hot Tamales back before the Food Network went stupid. Why she even rocked the Chef Fauxhawk back in the day.How could I not pick her to win? Well.... Chef Debbie Gold, Executive Chef of the American Restaurant, located in Shamu's own backyard. Oh holy hell, now what? I'm a big fan of Chef Gold's work both at the American and her former restaurant, 40 Sardines. What the heck am I going to do?

Don't worry Gail, as long as you're at the Judges Table, all will be right in our world.

In this corner we have Wily Veteran of the Restaurant, Television, and Radio worlds. She stands about 5' 4" in orange Chuck Taylors. Her first restaurant, the tiny City Cafe, only had room for a hot plate inside and a hibachi out back. Was voted Finest Lesbian Chef in the world by Out Traveler magazine. Is versed in many global cuisines. Best reason to throw the Karmic Kitchen Mojo behind her efforts to become the Top Chef Master? She gives fantastic TV and I'm a friend on her Facebook. (Along with a thousand other people.) People, nobody ever said that common sense, reason or expertise go into these picks .

And in this corner we have a local favorite and winner of a James Beard award in 1999. Have actually eaten at her two restaurants, The American Restaurant and 40 Sardines. Food was fantastic and if I had more cash and a better wardrobe, The American would see a lot more of me. A single mom whose culinary tree appears to be American with deep French roots. Looks like this is her first venture into the madness that is Food TV. Best reason to be Debbie Gold's Top Chef Master's Bitch? Possible Watch Parties at the American. (how cool would it to eat a chef's food while watching her compete on Top Chef Masters)

So in the interest of fairness I will do what all smart people do when faced with this kind of dilemma....let someone else decide by running a poll.

Who should Shamu pick as her favorite to win Top Chef Masters, Season 2?
Go with the Wily Veteran Susan Feniger, she writes to you every day on Facebook
Debbie Gold, you might actually have a chance to talk to her in person before Bravo finds out
Don't you realize Ludo Lefebvre is back, slice off a hunk of that Crazy French Cheese free polls
OK party people, help an Orca out and vote. And if Susan or Debbie feels like they can influence the voting by leaving a comment...well they can. I'm easy like that.


Making Space said...

I had to vote for the high tops.

But the watching parties at the restaurant????? Woah, cooolz.

But I'm still goin' with the high tops.

Big Shamu said...

High Tops for MS.

Buzz Kill said...

I think you have to go with Debbie Gold. You have to support your backyard.

PS - There was absolutely no sexual connotation in my reponse.

Big Shamu said...

None taken Buzz but SNORT anyway.

moi said...

Debbie Gold. Although, may I say? Both women are wearing appropriate footwear, praise baby jesus.

Big Shamu said...

So Moi says go local and is joyous at the No Croc Zone.

moi said...


LaDivaCucina said...

Wow, that is a TOUGH one cuz Diva knows how loyal and lustful you've been to Susan.....(her new restaurant Store looks so cool!)

But then again, Gold's story is so compelling, she's a single mom come very good, possible viewing you've made ME part of your dilemma!

I say support the local team! And get thee to her restaurant as much as you can afford before the lines start out the door!

When does the madness start again Shamu?!

PS: I voted for Ludo cuz he's cute but I think his whiny-train-wreck-about-to-happen-ass will be crushed by Susan and Debbie's talent and am hoping he'll be left in a quivering-teary-stinky-cheese heap!

Sharon Rudd said...

Quivering-teary-stinky-cheese heaps aside, I think everyone's a winner with TC Masters - both the contestants and us viewers. TCM1 was one of my favorite food shows ever, and #2 includes a much larger crew of chefs - some better known nationally, and some with hard-core local followings.

I say, vote for both/all and have fun seeing where the chips fall. But support your local chef while you can still get a reservation. Can't wait for the premiere April 7!