Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dim Sum Sunday - Hot Steamy Soup

For our last Dim Sum Sunday, I asked our participants to bring me some sun by the way of Citrus. My bloggy friends were incredibly generous in their citrus offerings.

Key Lime Coconut Squares

First up is one of two Florida gals who soak up the sunshine on a daily basis. La Diva Cucina not only served up a decadent lime dessert but also shared an adorable photo of La Diva as a wee Divette. These lime squares will brighten up any winter day.

Three Layer Orange Cake

Dani from Gardening Under the Florida Sun knew that two layers of sunshine would not be enough for the harsh winter weather some of us have been enjoying so she brought out....The Third Layer!!! With cream cheese frosting. Yours truly would have been satisfied with just licking the bowl.

Orange and Pear Salad

We have a newcomer to Dim Sum Sunday. MS over at Making Space actually made something healthy and got the kidlets involved in producing the dinner. Getting them to actually eat the green leafy stuff we'll put off until another Dim Sum. Thanks for joining our merry band of foodie bloggers.

Which brings us to this week's theme for Dim Sum Sunday. Hot and Steamy Soup. Yes, even after the wonderful sunny citrus of our last Dim Sum, I'm still cold. That means it's time for Soup. This Sunday, show us your favorite rib sticking, better the second day soup. Post it up and wander back here to see what everyone else made and tell us you're up. Because if you don't how can we make our copious notes for the eventual National Eating Tour of Foodie Bloggers.


Making Space said...


Please sir, can I have some more? Awwww....

Dani said...

It was a fun DSS. I'm glad that MS decided to join in on our merry little party.

LaDivaCucina said...

Yes, the more the merrier! Thanks Sham, how very sweet! Just showed my post to a geek friend today at Apple who was salivating over them so, guess I have to make more for him when I see him on the weekend.

I've vowed not to buy anymore of anything as I'm trying to get rid of food before I go overseas....let's see what veggies come in my box on Sat., soup is a great way to use a lot of stuff!

PS: Hubby bought a Nikon D5000 with a "food" setting!!! Thanks so much for your suggestions!

Big Shamu said...

Nikon owes me. That's all I shoot with. I think you will be very happy. Let me know how trading luscious treats for Apple gear works out.

moi said...

I can't warm up, either. All I do is make soups. So I will be IN this Sunday!

Dani said...

Woohoo, Moi's in! Hopefully, Buzz can dig his way out for this one. :)