Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Top Chef All Stars - The Finale

Holy crap do I ever need one of these after the first episode of the Finale and not because of who was auffed. When you have a chef who confesses that he hates every single dish he makes? When everyone second guesses themselves into a deep well of depression except Mike? Do I really want to watch next week?

Excuse me while I go find some cute puppies to play with.


froggy said...

Daughter and I were commenting that he must be hard to live with.

Big Shamu said...

He certainly is hard to watch.

Buzz Kill said...

Blaise looked like a heroine addict. And you're right - everyone but Mike was suicidal. Mike, on the other hand, was just creepy.

Liked the quickfire but didn't like the elimination challenge/ Especially with all of the "unexpected problems" they had.

I had Antonia going home too.

chickory said...

Blaise's comments should have had HIM go home. Heres why:

Its a reverse kind of narcissism. It says "my standards are so high that i cannot meet my own expectations." what a joke. He always thinks he should win -if he hates his work, then why?

then there is the matter of what a statement like this really says:

if the judges select him as second place, then he is defining them as incompetent to do so as he HATES EVERYTHING HE DOES. Its like when you give someone a compliment and then they reply about how fat they are, or whatever negative aspect of themselves, leaving you to feel like a total putz for admiring any part of them at all.

did you see gail (who looks great with some beach color and minimal makeup!) recoil at his statement. If i had been a judge i would have said "you hate everything you put out? how dare you serve it to us then. Pack your knives and go." Im seriously tired of his sad sack face - the straight line cartoon mouth of disappointment. Woe to that child on the way. Daddy isnt happy! What did i do?

I wanted Carla to win. I loved meeting her husband last week and loved her food in general. Why did she fry that meat? she even said she shouldnt be as she was doing it. i knew right then it was over.

This has not been my favorite TC - and the masters should have been better. they shouldnt have done so many gimmicks and stuck to real cook offs using real food and whatever utensils they needed. Last night just left me with a bad feeling. I hope Mike doesnt win but i really dont care now that Carla is gone. She embodied the joie de vivre that a good and thoughtful chef should have. like she said, love was her secret ingredient. Who wants to eat food laced with angst and suffrage?

Syd said...

I adore Carla, but she has been so inconsistent. Still sorry to see her go.

Not sure who I despise more, Blaise or Mike. I hate them both.

Big Shamu said...

Chickory, luckily for Blaise, they only judge for food on the plate. Hoewever there are larger issues for Blaise to consider. If you set yourself up as someone who has a mental meltdown every time someone doesn't find your food perfect every time out on the plate you will burn out quicker than you can say Flip Burgers. I though Tiffany's reaction to him muttering to himself about how horrible his food turned out was CLASSIC. She tried to find out what was wrong, learned it was just more Blaise bullshit, AND TURNED HER BACK AND DISMISSED HIM. His shit has got to be way old by now.

I did see Gail looking very delicioius last night. I have resisted posted anything....yet. (stupid restraining order)

Carla...oh girl. Actually I thought Antonia was going but you don't feed undercooked pork to Gail and Tom and get away with it. Part of me is sad that she chose that route but part of me wonders if they had decent kitchen to work in if that wouldn't have worked. They went from kitchen deep fat fryers (old and busted but still fries stuff very hot) to home kitchen counter top fryers. I can tell you they don't get nearly as hot. I mean come on, it's the finale, have some decent equipment. But you're right, she's been too inconsistent.

I'm pinning my sad little hopes on Antonia.

Anonymous said...

I miss how cold glass bottles of soda used to be