Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meme's Blackberry Cobbler

Feeling kinda fruity. Also feeling kinda lazy. Yanked out Bon Appetit Y'all....again, to make Meme's Blackberry Cobbler.

little blue bowl blackberries

I love blackberries so this quick dessert is perfect for me. However not everyone enjoys blackberries due to their seeds. Probably the same people who eat their steak medium. We will not speak of these people again.

blackberries in the pan

I love blackberries so much I planted a mini-patch in my back yard. I don't think they are dead....yet. Springtime will tell. In the meantime I will have to enjoy the fresh ones from Cost Co. and Meme's recipe.

blackberry cobbler


MakingSpace said...


My grandma used to grow blackberries and boysenberries on her fence. Such great memories of cobblers and pies.

This looks delicious, congrats on a lovely Sunday cobbler.

Dani said...

Looks wonderful!
I planted some last summer too. Here's hoping for lots of yummy blackberries for the both of us..

froggy said...

Himalayan Blackberries are taking us over in the PNW and I loves them so. Lots of memories walking down country roads and eating the berries. Here in SE WA, where it is drier than the rest of the state we don't have the problem.

Susan said...


Big Shamu said...

You know, growing up in VA I had access to a ton of free blackberries that just grew on the sides of any number of roads. Have not found that here in the Midwest which is sad because I loves me some free blackberries.

Dani, why do I think your blackberries will do so much better than mine?

Susan, no blackberries in Nova Scotia? Maybe the Prince will plant some for you?

Dani said...

I don't know about that. I seem to have a black thumb when it comes to growing berries and figs.