Thursday, November 5, 2009

Top Chef Reunion All Star Dinner

Sooo? What was that? This thing called Top Chef Reunion? It wasn't a competition. No money (none that was revealed) was awarded for charity or for chefs. They cooked. They talked. They drank. They ate. I yawned. What did they (the producers) think would happen? That each chef would dance their own personal version of the Top Chef Angry Monkey dance?

OK, Marcel danced a little. But really, it was pretty tame.

My only hope was that the wine flowed early and often.Although my girl Tiff easily beat out Carla for Best TV Face for the night and came up with a new phrase to describe Stefan as a Lesbian Opportunivore......a description that Stefan obviously adores.Oh sure, they relived some of the better moments and certainly some of the worst but was anything resolved? Nothing new was revealed regarding Clippergate. Casey and Carla seem to have no hard feelings towards each other but Casey never explained Caseygate and the harsh comments she made to a Dallas blog. So who came out looking the worst?That's right, Fabio. If this is the future of hosting Bravo TV shows, we're all screwed. It's FOOD Fabio, not foot. Still there was some delicious looking food and who had the most delicious, well thought out food?That's right, Marcel and Ilan, working together as a team and making a great dish that was still warm by the time the boys cracked that dome of salt. Nice job guys.

Will they do another Top Chef Reunion dinner? Most likely since there's still Spit Swappers Hosea and Lea, Anger Management Dale, I'm no leader Sam and Asshat Spike left to sit down and break bread together. Oh boy!


Making Space said...

They all have hair. And no one's wearing a diaper. I'm sooooo confuuuuuused.

Buzz Kill said...

I only saw about 5 minutes in the begining when they walk into the bar, one by one. That was really uncomfortable to watch. I want to go back and watch it start to finish to get the full affect.

LaDivaCucina said...

Waste of an hour.....not even any good food porn!!

DAN RATHER said...

Bravo didn't edit the head-shaving episode and the show is "all about the food" not contrived producer-driven drama.

Big Shamu said...

Dan, check your fonts and get back to us.

moi said...

Highlights of the evening:

1. Fabio's whiny-ass speech about everyone, please, not making him look like a dick-a.

2. Stefan. So shoot me.

The rest of it: A one way ticket to Snoozeville.

I've often wondered about the ability of the chefs to send their food to judges' table hot. How can they properly ponder lukewarm?

Big Shamu said...

It's a fine line they have to walk since there are so many timing issues to do food while filming a tv show. But I do like that Marcel actually thought enough about it to serve something that would work.

TROLL Y2K said...

Dull show. Marcel's slap-fight with Doughboy Judge was mildly interesting though.

First time I've seen Casey's Blog Comment. WOW! Rawrrrrrrrwrrrr! I really didn't understand the fuss until I read that. Thanks!

I wonder if former contestants are obligated to do these things? Along with ripping Hootie, Casey said "I'm done with Top Chef". And, to me, Harold has NEVER looked happy to be at these reunion things.

Big Shamu said...

Depends on the contracts they sign. I doubt Harold and Tiff are secured under their original contracts but who knows the particulars of each season's contractual length and requirements. I know Richard Blais certainly looked like he was desperate for more TV face time. I'm not sure bad haircuts are the way to get it though.

Captain Obvious said...

Harold is never happy to be at these things because Bravo basically forces some people to go. They're almost contractually obligated to do these things. Especially since he had to fly to LA to do the show instead of running his restaurant.

For season 3, they had that season 1 vs season 2 cookoff and Bravo basically forced Harold to do it(he was bound contractually) while Harold didn't want to since he was in the middle of opening Perilla.