Thursday, June 4, 2009

Top Chefs Masters - New Judges First Look

Meet Gael Greene, one of the judges for Bravos' new show, Top Chef Masters. New Yorkers and those who love to eat in New York are already well acquainted with Ms. Greene. For 40 years she was New York Magazines Insatiable Critic. Yet even a long time restaurant critic can feel the economic pinch as Gael discovered in November of 2008 when the magazine "downsized" her. Still, she has followed a path now tread by many former journalists and ventured into blogging, extending her Insatiable Critic persona into cyberspace. Sorry Top Chef Crack Monkeys, don't think you'll be able to vent about any future decisions Judge Gael is going to make about your favorite chefs, no comment section available to leave your pearls of wisdom. But what kind of judge is she going to be? This isn't her normal gig of eating, evaluating and writing. This is reality TV, let's hope she doesn't drip with self important pronouncements or worse yet, forced nonsensical bon mots (Toby Young anyone?). Let's hope she has some fun with the whole madness that is forcing Master Chefs to cook with one hand or deal with a vending machine challenge.

(And please Lord, keep Shamu from the asshat comments because Gael does love her hats.)


Buzz Kill said...

I don't know Shamu, an asshat is an asshat. She looks like a lawn gnome. Could she possibly be worse than Toby Young? I just don't know.

Big Shamu said...

I'll ask you that question once Top Chef Masters is done and we'll see. Toby Young vs. Gael Greene.

LaDivaCucina said...

La Diva is pro-chapeau! Let's see if she'll add a bit of spark to this season!

Aunty Belle said...

She could wind up eating that hat...heh.

Shamu, has I missed somethin'? Whar' is JJ?