Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Price of Fame, KC Style

Anthony Bourdain is messing with my life. Since he's not returning my many phone calls I cannot reveal the reason why the man is messing with me. But he is. Yesterday was my birthday. The company I work for has a great policy of giving us our birthday off. Knowing this, my office mates, who never really need much of a reason to plan a get together, wanted to take me out for lunch today. My choice of restaurant. Now that put a bit of pressure on me. I can get pretty far outside the box when it comes to dining choices. I decided that it was more important to find someplace to everyone would enjoy as opposed to having my co-workers gag while watching me eating sauteed sweetbreads. I decided that Oklahoma Joe's would work for all of us because I know for a fact that barbecue makes everyone happy. Of course we made this decision last week because that's how much I love food that I'm planning a simple lunch a week in advance. But then it happened. The June issue Men's Health Magazine hits the news stand and the internet. Our Father Tony had been busy, writing an article titled The 13 Places to Eat Before You Die. Now my loyal blog readers may remember when Father Tony visited Kansas City last year he mentioned his favorite barbecue place in KC was....Oklahoma Joe's. So what were the chances it would make Tony's list? Pretty good since it turned up as one of the seven American restaurants on the list. I have to say, I'm loving it. Not Texas, not Memphis, no Southern restaurants at all. Local newscasts were trumpeting the news. Suddenly my lunch plans were shot to hell. This joint was tough enough to get into on a normal day but Tony blowing it up into a pre-death experience on par with the French Laundry meant I would have to choose someplace else to celebrate my birthday lunch. So, thanks Tony, for screwing with my life. The next time you and Keller are in town to eat some burnt ends and pulled pork sammies, you better call me because bitch, you owe me.


Dani said...

That sucks!
Where did y'all end up goin'?

Big Shamu said...

We'll be dining at Strouds, known for their fine fried chicken.

NYD said...

Send him a bottle of Jagermeister.
The hangover he has from drinking it will compensate for the lost venue.


moi said...

I would so eat sauteed sweetbreads with you. And if you managed to get Bourdain to return your calls, doubly so.

LaDivaCucina said...

LOL! What a bastard! I HATE when that happens! I wish we had some good bbq here....man, I'm eating a freakin' Lean Cuisine as I write this and pulled pork sammies sound SOOOO GOOD right now! Hope you had a great birfday, Shamu!