Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday - Quench Your Thirst

The heat of summer is made for fun drink concoctions. Because I'm a life long non-alcoholic beverage consumer, I'm always looking for new and interesting drinks. Before I had made Kansas City my home many years ago, I had never had a Cherry Limeade. My introduction came at the Topsy's Popcorn shop, a homegrown Kansas City icon. It's an easy drink to make at home, simple syrup, lime juice, either club soda or a lemon lime soda and crushed ice. The Maraschino Cherries kicked this drink into my favorites category. I like this drink a lot with it's cherry fruitiness and lime pucker. Plus it's carbonated without being overly sweet like a lot of sodas and it gives me an excuse to try and make my own Maraschino Cherries. Bottoms Up!

While we are thinking about Quenching Our Thirst, my good friend K9 over at the blog Chickory entered a wine label design contest for the Mutt Lynch Winery. Voting for labels begins Monday, June 15 at Dog Art Today, a fun blog if you love dogs or art involving dogs.Make sure you pop over and show her label some Karmic Kitchen love and we might just see some bottles of wine with her design (and dog Trout) on it.


LaDivaCucina said...

MMMMM....cherry-lime-refreshing-summer-goodness! La Diva would love it more with a shot of vodka but I could manage to drink it without! So,you add a bit of the cherry's juice to get the taste and colour?

I might just try that maraschino recipe, I just might!

Lovin' the wine label with the very happy surfin' doggy! I'll check out the site! How cool! (great sure-fire marketing angle, dogs and babies!)

Ok, La Diva is up with a HOT and RAUNCHY post for Fun Summer Drinks!

Happy Dim Sum Sunday from Miami Beach!

LaDivaCucina said...

PS: I was not able to link to my site, it said tag was not allowed so you'll have to cut and paste, sorry!

Buzz Kill said...

Cherry-lime-fizz is a nice combination. I have only been drinking beer lately, so I've got nothing this week. Diva is right, vodka or rum would go good with this for us non-teetotalers.

Dani said...

This is a perfect summer drink! And no alcohol makes it even better for me. :) Happy Dim Sum Sunday. :)

I'm up with frozen lemonade.

Big Shamu said...