Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday - Mama Mia

Cruising through the aisles of the local grocery store I see more and more evidence that adults find preparing food time consuming and strenuous. Vegetables in steam ready bags complete with garlic, carrots shaved down to nuggets, more and more meals in a box or bag, microwave ready and flavor deficient. I grew up in a home where the best meals took time and effort. You could taste those efforts in every bite. My mother was the oldest of 8 children growing up on a family farm. Cooking for my brother and me must have seemed like a piece of cake. She not only taught me how to cook but to also love food. My Mother loves the adventure of trying new cuisines. Thai food on a rice barge in Bangkok, sushi where ever she can find it, Spanish food in Adams Morgan in DC, are all memories held down on our internal life map by push pin flags of food. Today, in honor of Mother's Day, I give her one of her favorites, Dim Sum.Dim Sum is a Chinese cuisine which involve several light dishes either steamed or fried and accompanied by hot tea. The portions are small and are easily shared among several diners. Dim Sum in Kansas City means one place, Bo Ling's.The dishes are brought to the table by carts piled high with steam baskets. Your difficult task is to pick from over 80 different plates of dumplings, vegetables, steamed buns or seafood dishes. If you have a hard time making quick decisions, take a long time to study a menu, or order like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, Dim Sum is probably not for you. My mother and I have no such problem. Some of our favorites?Ham soi gok for one. A crispy glutinous puff dumpling with little bits of shrimp and ham hidden inside. The puff is just a little sweet to contrast with the savory contents. But be warned, it loses it's appeal when it gets cold.The baked Roasted Pork Bun is a local favorite of this BBQ mad town. Chinese roast pork nestled in a soft bun.
Of course there are also specials and new dishes to try. This is a roll of shrimp paste wrapped with sheet of seaweed, the ends capped with sesame seeds and deep fried. I hope this one makes the permanent menu because it's very good.Did you save room for dessert? Egg Custard Tart or Steamed Sweet Creams buns perhaps? Get your favorite early from the dessert cart because there's no guarantee your favorite will be still be there once the cart finally comes back around to your table.

Whatever your mom likes, make sure she enjoys her favorite for Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day Mom.


Susan said...

hello ! jealous ! Soooooo jealous.
There ain't no dim sum in this tiny village by the sea. Merci for the virtual event. Mama's gonna have a burger, a cup of tea and to bed early with her book. Pas de photos this week.

NYD said...

Well, howdy do!
I have just returned from ten days on the famiy farm and every night was a homemade feast. I couln't agree with you more about getting all the right goodies together and taking the time to chop, slice and create your own dishes.

TROLL Y2K said...

Now I know what Dim Sum is. Slow orderers need to be banished from society!

I'm up!

Big Shamu said...

Sorry about the lack of Dim Sum in your village Susan. I'm thinking some clever soul could invent a first rate lobster dim sum dish.

Welcome back NYD, time and patience are necessary ingredients to most good food.

Troll, I'm not sure what's worse, slow orderers or folks who want 8 changes to a dish? Grrrr.

LaDivaCucina said...

Hello y'all! I was going to participate in Dim Sum Sunday but was under the weather with a nasty sinus headache. My hubby made me Churrasco skirt steak marinated with adobo and some yuca home fries. We'd been to the beach and were starving, so not even a photo!! (sorry!)

Sham, you already KNOW I LOVE the dim sum! Love the pork buns and egg tarts but my fave is the steamed dumplings, actually ones stuffed with garlic chives or prawns! yum!

LaDivaCucina said...

Oh yeah, about the pre-packaged stuff: a lot of it seems to be stuff that I find easy to do or would never eat anyway. How hard is it to make mashed poatoes? never understood that stuff from a box. If we are not "worth" the time to make food properly, well, that kind of life is just not worth living. (I suppose those are the same people that drink margaritas using margarita mix instead of fresh limes cuz it's "easier." just sayin.)

Big Shamu said...

Hmmmmm, it was a Dim Sum weekend for sure.

Heaven forbid anyone make risoto the right way. Hmmmm risoto.

Sharon said...

I love your gorgeous photos of dim sum! I have a brother in KC...i can't believe he's never taken me here!

Big Shamu said...

Dang Sharon, that's just wrong. BAD BROTHER!!