Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday - Comfort Food

Shamu's Comfort Food
To ask a foodie what their comfort food is puts said foodie in a major dilemma. Just how to narrow it down to one dish, one memory, one heart string? When I had finally run through my internal recipe box, what I came away with was popcorn.
I love popcorn. Now before I start down memory lane, I'm not talking microwave popcorn. I'm talking about watching my mother pour oil in a pan and then the popcorn. Waiting for those first kernels to burst then the cacophony of many more kernels popping. The exquisite timing of getting most of the corn popped versus the burning of the kernels closest to the heat. The aroma of real melted butter. My mom was not a dump and salt woman, no, she drizzled, salted and then mixed. Tasted a handful, repeat until the correct coverage of all the popcorn with butter and salt. She always made sure to set aside a small bowl for herself because once the majority of finished popcorn was handed off to the rowdy, starving offspring there was no point expecting any leftovers. Even when we went camping in the pop-up camper, we still had our popcorn but it was always Jiffy Pop.While not as tasty as my mom's popcorn there was the added bonus of watching the giant tin foil brain rise up out of the little pan. Of course there was that time in my life where I was denied eating popcorn.But you can bet it was the first thing I ate once the dreaded braces were yanked from my teeth. Popcorn was and still is my comfort food of choice, at the movies (bad greasy popcorn), at home on the couch with a dvd, and even at the garden shop with their free freshly popped popcorn cart. It is the one staple my kitchen will always have. Popcorn. Extra butter anyone?


Susan said...

I always pop my own Orville Redenbacher popping kernels and add my own melted butter and salt and sometimes dill pickle seasoning. It's so much better than the microwave stuff.

Comfort food's up over at 29 Black Street - this one was tough 'cause I have a many, many foods that comfort me.

TROLL Y2K said...

Mama's huge dented pot only used for popcorn and roof leaks. Jiffy-pop on Troll Scout camping trips. Air popper at Collidge. Memories.

I'm up!

LaDivaCucina said...

Wow, interesting to hear what other people's comfort foods are, so hard to choose!

I've already posted mine, if you can believe it! (early Sunday dinner for a change!)

What about you Java?

Anonymous said...

Comfort Food only?
What about other comforts.
" the crap cannon aimed at your head"
could not possibly have any intention other than negative. What a cruel creature you are.

billjac said...


You invited me to participate a few weeks back but this is the first time I've been able to. My post is up here.

By the way, I looked back through your archives before decided to join in. It was a bit difficult since not all the Dim Sum Sunday posts are tagged as such and you don't always spell dim sum with a space in the middle. You might want to fix that. Or not. Up to you.

LaDivaCucina said...

Me thinks someone is on the wrong blog!! haha!

Big Shamu said...

I'm not really sure what Anony. 6:42's issue is except possibly me. I consider K9 a friend and if some of the things that have happened to her had happened to me I would certainly feel like a cannon shooting crap was aimed at my head.
That being said, I'm sure the comment ended up here to hide the commenter's identity. How brave.

LaDivaCucina said...
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Boxer said...

Mr. Boxer and I knew we were kindere souls when we both realized we grew up with "Popcorn Nights". It is the ultimate comfort food.

As to Anonymous.... what you clearly DON'T know is that Shamu actually knows K9's world better than most and her comment was heartfelt and true. It's a friendship that transcends cyber world and didn't deserve your visit HERE. pfffft.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Used to be cheeseburgers, but since I moved to the SW if I need a food hug I go for tamales.

Buzz Kill said...

Hi ladies

A little late this week, but what the hey (I was busy with Troll's MM contest). I have posted my Dim Sum Sunday entry at the Buzzkill for what it's worth this week.

I love popcorn but all we have time for anymore is microwave. I do have fond memories of the old pot and oil popcorn at home. We also had one of those long handled poppers we used over the barbecue. And don't forget carmel corn and cracker jack. That's good eatin'.