Wednesday, March 2, 2011


A Judge's Decision I totally agree with.


the dogs' mother said...

Me, too! It would have come down to individual taste buds.

Big Shamu said...

The big hint? Asking Tom and Gail if they'd ever had all good dishes. The antenna started waving right then and there.

Buzz Kill said...

It had to be hard for the judges to critique in front of family members. I was fully expecting the dishes to get torn down more at judges table. But that didn't happen. So this turned out to be a good elimination challenge - cooking based on your family roots.

Way better than that stupid Ellis Island boat ride. I think this is worse than the presentation and muppet quickfires. Sort of like the vending machine challenge of season 2.

I really thought Carla was going home too. And poor Blaise looked like he was ready to stroke out when Padma told him to pack his knives because he's moving on. Pretty mean Padma.