Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mapril - Day Three

maple syrup bottle

Oh Maple, not even you could have made Top Chef better last night. Still I did a little kitchen whipping. Took some maple. Added some brown sugar.

maple lime sauce ingredients

Combined that with some lime, cilantro and a robust dose of white pepper and cooked it down in a sauce pan. Used that as a wing basting sauce.

maple lime chicken wings

Not a perfect recipe by far but certainly a good start. And it all starts with Maple syrup. Oh yeah.


Dani said...

I would have never thought of using it this way!!!!

the dogs' mother said...

tasty, very tasty looking!

Big Shamu said...

Still needs some refinement. While it tasted hot and spicy in the sauce pan, the spicy lost some of it's punch after some time in the oven. It's like a hot and spicy limeade.

Buzz Kill said...

I made a similar glaze using cayenne pepper (and maybe some soy sauce - can't remember). I think that holds up better to cooking than white or black pepper. Is that a Pittsburg Steelers plate? Bwahahaha

Big Shamu said...

Yeah, I thought about cayenne but I wanted something a little more out of the box for me since I'm such a heat wimp. Which makes it even funnier that I'm complaining about not having enough heat.

MakingSpace said...

Niiiiiice. Wing sauce. Excellent.

Frankly in this one you had me at lime/cilantro.

Big Shamu said...

Who are you kidding, I had you at "not a vegetable".

MakingSpace said...

Heh - actually it may have been the wings.

No but yeah it was the lime/cilantro combo. Mouthwatering.

Susan said...

can't hardly wait for les refination.

yum and looks like it could pass the HH* cookery (minus the skin) perhaps as a sauce ?!?

HH heart healthy

Quick new fav recipe of ours.
Marinate boneless skinless chicken in Buffalo Hot Sauce 30 mins or so and then dredge in panko crumbs seasoned with garlic powder and Old Bay (of course !!) cook in a 425 oven until brown & crispy serve sliced & drizzled with melted hot pepper jelly on a bed of peppery mixed greens.

or this lime, pepper, maple concoction yummy

Big Shamu said...

I'm wondering how it'd do as a marinade?

Syd said...

Maple + cilantro + a bit of char on the meat = WINNING