Thursday, September 10, 2009

Top Chef Las Vegas - We're not Fooling Around

I don't know if anyone noticed that Top Chef made an announcement last night. Oh, not an obvious, Padma deep cut dress sort of announcement but more of a 95 mile an hour fast ball right down the middle. Either you have the experience or the talent to hit that fastball or you don't but make no mistake about it. They are not fooling around this season.If you don't think this episode wasn't about food and pressure then you were in your kitchen melting Velveeta and Rotel for some chip dip.

Sphincter Pucker Factor No. 1 - Top Chef brought out the snails for the Quickfire with Daniel Boulud. Take something Americans equate with slugs and make them want to eat them.

Sphincter Pucker Factor No. 2 - Eliminate someone for the 45 minute Quickfire using snails and tell them before they start cooking.

Sphincter Pucker Factor No. 3 - Once you're down to your 3 Quickfire Elimination candidates, have a 20 minute Amuse-Bouche MF'ing Cookoff.I can't think of a better change to the Top Chef series than making the Quickfires mean something other than immunity. Never knowing when they might stick an Elimination Quickfire in there is even better. You gotta play to win.
Sphincter Pucker Factor No. 4, 5 & 6 - Joël Robuchon. You're cooking for Robuchon in his own kitchen. (if this episode wasn't sponsored by Pepto Bismol Mama Jane missed a prime pimpage opportunity) Does it get any better?

If any episode drew a clearer demarcation between the chefs who will be left standing at the end and those who will spending time in the Auffed Compound I've never seen it.Fans of Ash, Ashley, Laurine, Eli, Mattin, Ron, Mike I, or Robin, I'm afraid you're not going enjoy the rest of the season. This episode only magnified how exciting the later episodes are going to be with the Battling Brothers Voltaggio, Jennifer and Kevin. They cook to win every single time. If I had to pick one nit last night it was not getting to see what Kevin might have done with the classic French Cuisine challenge.

If this is the path Top Chef is headed down they couldn't have done any better than they did with this episode. C'est Magnifique.


the dogs' mother said...

It was a challenge I would have expected to see near the end.
Snails. I've never downed enough wine to try them. But I was introduced to the concept of bacon jam last night and I already tracked down a recipe *and* ordered some over the internets.

Big Shamu said...

Baconization Baby!!

MakingSpace said...

Speaking for the Velveeta and Rotel crowd, I can only say y'all have fun with alla that.

Bacon jam? That would save me a couple of steps...

LaDivaCucina said...

I finally looked at this post as my telly lamp was blown and got the tv back last night!

I was surprised about something from this episode: I thought TinTin threw Ash under the bus and then Tom said something about her "shutting down" and throwing HIM under the bus?! I thought TinTin's behaviour in front of the judges was unforgivable and I was waiting for Ash to BASH him (at least verbally) She didn't say boo!! She can snark about other people's nuptial bliss but when it comes to her own head on the chopping block, she says nuthin? Mute koala.

I liked the elimination right off the bat, what's her name was already hanging by a thread. And Hector was a bit sloppy, I must admit (although I thought he was kinda cute in a Peurto Rican bear kinda way!) I weel mees heem.

We are starting to see the real contenders vs. the "meh" players. Great show, so much pressure and tough challenges so early on!

(I was going to look up the bacon jam too!!!)

PS: Don't tell me you made celery soup for your first dinner from the grocery? Please tell me you got eel? tee hee! Glad you can drive again!

LaDivaCucina said...

Ooops! I forgot there is a guy named Ash on the show, of course you know I meant Ashley!!! : )

Have a great weekend Sham!

moi said...

Le snails? Not fond of the lil' critters and there's not much I won't eat. However, they made a FINE elimination challenge!

I think some clear chefs are emerging from a sea of cooks and I for one am excited. Go Jennifer!

Aunty Belle said...

I always figgered that eatin' snails was proof of some starving innovator's desperation for protein--but hey, I'se been known to akshully order them thangs.

What I ain't managed is eels. A girl has to draw a line SOMEwhar'.