Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday - A Little Something

Our last Dim Sum Sunday - In the Bag saw some mouth watering dishes. So good I had to bring them back.
First we have Susan's Baked Cod with Olives over at 29 Black Street. The photo geek in me also loves this polaroid shot of her dish.
From the coast of Canada to the beaches of Florida where Dani bagged her own garden veggies in with salmon and a beautiful orange at Gardening Under the Florida Sun.
Hmmmm, home grown vegetables are the best. Thanks ladies for rising to the challenge and sharing these wonderful dishes.

We can thank La Diva Cucina for our upcoming Dim Sum Sunday. In a recent radio interview she reveals one of her small bites she likes to teach in her class, fried cheese stuff olives. So let's see your favorite snack or hors d'oeuvre.Don't forget Halloween is soon upon us so if you've got a special creepy Halloween snack, you know we'd love to see it.


MakingSpace said...

Beautiful food!

Fried cheese stuffed olives is my new favorite snack. Where does La Diva teach people how to make this? Would the fire department stand by for me in the very likely case of a grease fire? MakingSpace is making space in her brain to learn how to make this dish.

Big Shamu said...

MS, La Diva is based in Florida so unless one of you is about to cross big water, you'll have to wait for her televised class.
But I bet if you head over to her blog (La Diva Cucina in the blogroll to the left) you could go ask her for newbie cookie instructions and advice for the best method to put out a grease fire.

LaDivaCucina said...

Wow, Sham, you are SO SWEET! Thanks for the comments and link, I really appreciate it and also for taking the time to listen to my segment!

I'm LOVIN' those little "spiders" but I thought they were crabs at first! (Seeing as you are from the East Coast, I prefer them as crabs!)

Have a few ideas for DSS and a new recipe I want to try out....

(I still haven't found any banana leaves...c'mon, I live in South Florida!)

MakingSpace said...

Diva! Roll out the sleeping mat I'm on my way ovah! LOL Well, to your blog...