Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sometimes You Have to Take the Good with the Bad

Were they describing the Quickfire or the judges?

Love the Michelle.

Not loving the Toby.


moi said...

Ooooooo, looks like good drama. Way too much television last night – between Glee, Project Runway, and this, my TIVO was in overtime. I'll catch this this afternoon after work.

Big Shamu said...

La Diva, I contemplated going to her Miami restaurant on my recent Florida vacation but failed to bring any Business Casual clothing. I'll know better next time.

It was good drama last night with some fairly decent food.

Dani said...

I miss all the excitement!

I think I might need to get a life.

Big Shamu said...

Dani you have a wonderful life, full of wet chickens, beautiful flowers and vegetables, kid creations and long walks on the beach.

Men bitching like wet hens, while amusing, is not a life.

Dani said...

xoxoxoxo :)

I've been advised not to pick up the wet hens. Seems they have a bit of odor. That would have been nice info to have BEFORE going out to the store.

LaDivaCucina said...

Hey Sham, Michy's is a tres yummy restaurant and they very wisely sell two sizes of "main" plates so you can share and taste more. I've heard people bitching lately that the portions are too small though.

She does a white gazpacho that's supposed to be great (but you know how I feel about cold soup!) and her braised short ribs are divine but nothing we couldn't make at home ourselves.

She's got a new tapas restaurant called Senora Martinez, don't know how good it is but I'm sure the food is great. You should see her husband. Looks like he's her son! I don't get it. (I think HE's the Senor Martinez!)

As for Toby's point about proper pronunciation, I must disagree as I try to pronounce words as correctly as possible instead of relying on the colloquial pronunciations. I think it makes us Americans look a bit ignorant to just disregard correct pronunciation. Something that bugs me is how people went from saying the French word "niche" as NITCH, when it's supposed to be pronounced NEESH! I've had people correct ME! (Although writing my blog with slang is different than when I do a sales presentation!)

Dani: Be careful what you wish for!!!! : )