Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Presidential Brew Pub

Did you know they are small batch brewing their own beer in the White House? I didn't. What's more surprising? That this is the first time that beer has been actually brewed in the White House.

wh honey ale_SB
*Photo by Pete Souza/White House

Think about it. I would have thought for sure Thomas Jefferson would have had a little ale going somewhere in the early White House.

Dude was a culinary dynamo. While in Italy in 1787 he's introduced to pasta and comes back to America and designs his own pasta machine.

But alas, no hint of beer brewing. What about this president, Chester Arthur?

History tells us that our twenty first President enjoyed a wide variety of food and drink. Two of his favorites? Turtle Steak and Macaroni Pie with Oysters. But no brewery in the basement.

Actually the only other president that seems to have actually made his own ale or in this case, Porter, was George Washington. He even wrote down the recipe.
But good old George never lived in the building we know as the White House. He did all his brewing at Mount Vernon in Virginia. So here's to you Barack Obama, the first White House Brew Master.


MakingSpace said...

Haha - this is great. A history lesson and a culinary lesson in one. Love the Obama pic.

OK question: what is the difference between honey ale and mead?

froggy said...

They've got 18 acres - some grapes and a White House wine are in order.

Dani said...

That's really neat!

Big Shamu said...

OK, MS, as best as I can tell since I'm WAY outside my sphere of knowledge, mead is made with malt and honey ale is made with honey.

Froggy, yes they've got the acres but not the best growing weather, Washington being a hot humid swamp and all.

Dani,it is kinda cool.