Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Making Bread

My good friend Craig, otherwise known as my big gay in-town boyfriend, sent me a link to a blog that got his tastebuds chattering. It was for a recipe for cinnamon sugar pull apart bread. It did look pretty tasty and easy. So I got out the big pastry board.

cinnamon pull apart bread7

Forgetting that it was still a bread, which meant rising and proofing and all the stuff that goes along with making bread.

cinnamon pull apart bread8

Still who can resist hot cinnamon bread straight out of the oven? Actually I backtracked on the links and the original recipe wasn't even a cinnamon bread but a lemon pull apart bread with icing that if I'd had lemons in the house would have also made. That recipe will have to wait for another weekend.

cinnamon pull apart bread9

cinnimon pull apart bread3

cinnimon pull apart bread5

Now the thing I love about the internet and recipes is that you get the benefit of someone else making the recipe and posting comments about their successes, failures and hints. One of the hints on all these pull apart blog postings is that just because the top of the bread might be golden brown, the interior might not be done enough. Hence my well done top.

cinnimon pull apart bread

Damn, that looks very much like a Shar Pei's ass.

I'm thinking I could have pulled it out ten minutes sooner to give it a prettier top but it's still a lovely, warm, cinnamony thing of decadence.

cinnimon pull apart bread6


MakingSpace said...

Oh. wow. mouthwatering.

Also. Major bread kneading board lust. MAJOR. Also rolling pin. Julia Child would be so proud.

froggy said...

I may have to set youngest son on this. He is home for the second half of his internship and in need of cinnamon, I just know it.

Dani said...

I inhale anything with cinnamon.

Big Shamu said...

Yeah, the board and the pin are staying right where they are.

Froggy, he would love this recipe, TONS of cinnamon.

Dani, I'm pretty sure if you had been in the house, it would have only gotten three feet from the oven before consumption began.

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, YUMMM!! To both the recipes below. If you ever decide to try gluten free cooking (which I have to do) please post the results I'm always on the look out for warm lovely gluten-free recipes. Until then I will try to modify these to see if I can come up with something as wonderful.


Big Shamu said...

You know Linda, I should try my hand at some gluten free recipes. Seems more and more people are trying gluten-free diets. If anyone has some good links to something they'd like me to try, send them on.

MakingSpace said...

So I was showing this to the girls and of course they are able to read all the words. Eeps! heh

So they like the plate. And the bread too, natch.

Syd said...

I will fight you for the burnt bits.

Melissa said...

hahaha! Shar Pei's ass!

I'd eat that ass. ;-)